Re-Post: The LGBT Community Call to Action

There are just four short weeks to go until the gay marriage ban is voted on in the State of California.

The voter information guides have arrived, and so have the official sample ballots. Both sides of the campaign are running their ads on TV, and more endorsement money continues to roll in for both as well. At this point in the game many voters are thinking over the issues in their heads and making decisions on what their votes will be on November 4th. A month ago I issued an The LGBT Community Call to Action which encourages all members of the LGBT community and those who support them to "get out and about" in their community every weekend until Election Day, if possible to a McDonalds and preferably wearing No on 8 gear. Today I am re-issuing the Call to Action, and letting everybody know that now is the time to come out with No on 8 FULL FORCE! By participating in this Call to Action, we are giving voters a chance to see members of the LGBT community out and about participating in daily life, and show that we are the same as everybody else – human beings who deserve equal rights.

Here is a list of the endorsers and supporters of The LGBT Community Call to Action efforts:

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The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund
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and the Wicked Gay Blog

These supporters have reposted The LGBT Community Call to Action on their blog or website, or re-sent the message to their network of friends and family in an effort to help the No on 8 Campaign.

Others have donated to help fund more TV time, and if you are financially able to donate as well, please go to the campaign website and make a donation right away! (**Enter referral code 536) The No on Prop 8 campaign has created a Community Finance Council, which gives each and every one of us the opportunity to personally fundraise for the cause. You could create your own fundraising page, host a home party in your town, and more. (There is a No on Prop 8 Pool Party this weekend October 11th here).

I've kept an eye on the local community events that are going on over the weekends and drive around with our ‘No on 8’ bumper sticker, honking in support when we see No on 8 activists like the MYTE youth group pictured here from The Center Long Beach.

If you are a member of the LGBT community in California we need you to make it a point to get out and about in your community every weekend until Election Day.

Your presence out and about in the community is a big help and the number one way to get out and about is to visit your local McDonald's. There is one in most every community and serves as a common ground for all. My wife and I have participated in the Call to Action each weekend, visiting McDonald's and letting the kids run around and play. I really feel we are doing our part to make it known that we are just like everybody else. We have been making it a point to go to a different McDonald's each time and the kids love it because they get a new play land and different kids to play with each time. Just being out and about in the community showing your smiling face can really change the perception people have about the gay community. Plus, engaging in conversation with others is crucial right now, because remember, now is the time voters are thinking over the issues and deciding which way they will vote. I really admire the MYTE youth group, because they got really creative in raising awareness and used all their resources (and body parts!) to show their support. In talking with a few of them I realized just how close this hits home for our youth; some were raising awareness for a gay parent, others for themselves, but mostly because it was the right thing to do.

These teens inspired me to keep the LGBT Community Call to Action going strong, and to let you all know that the fight is not over yet!

We've all got to keep steady in the campaign to strike down the gay marriage ban in California and let everybody we know voting in that state this coming Election Day to VOTE NO ON 8.

Leave us a comment showing YOUR support for NO ON PROP 8 (even if you don't live in California)

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