Still Wilde About Olivia

- Renee Gannon

If you follow this blog, you know that I am a little ga-ga over Olivia Wilde. What can I say? She's hot. In preparation for tonight's episode I'm going to give you a little background on how my love affair with Olivia Wilde first started...

If you remember back to Season 2 of The OC, which was pretty much the only season I ever watched, there was a small plot twist that featured Mischa Barton's character developing a crush and even entering into a relationship with another girl. This hot blonde rocker chick (who I had never seen before) was pretty much the only reason why I watched The OC in the first place and let me tell you, she was the hottest thing I'd seen on TV in a while. I did a little research and found that this openly lesbian character was a new face to the big screen: Olivia Wilde. I decided her career was definitely worth following and waited with baited breath for her to be cast on primetime TV.

Unfortunately, The OC got lame as most of those types of shows do, and Olivia was written out of the script when Mischa Barton's character decided to go back to guys. Apparently, Hollywood thinks that being a Lesbian is conditional and with such lameness moving forward, I stopped watching the show... for good.

Fast forward to several years later (circa 2007), and I started to wonder... whatever happened to that hot lesbian that was on The OC?? I hadn't seen her in anything else and was saddened to think that maybe the show was her one-time debut in Hollywood.

And then...

I was watching the newest season of HOUSE (Season 4 at the time) because, well, that show rocks my socks off. I noticed one of the new doctors vying for a spot on House's team was an incredibly sexy brunette who looked oddly familiar...

I hopped on the computer and Googled the guest stars for Season 4 and sure enough there was my dream boat...Olivia Wilde. And this time around, she's playing a super smart, super sexy doctor whose on top of her game and doesn't put up with Dr. House's BS; I was loving every minute of it! She's known on the show only as Thirteen, penned by House himself, as a reference to her position in the group of 30 original doctors who applied for a spot on House's new team of doctor sidekicks. I was ecstatic. I ask you, what is sexier than a beautiful, intelligent female doctor? Such a thing may not exist.

As I layed my head down to rest each night, I prayed to whatever God existed to please let Olivia Wilde make it onto House's new team so that her wit, intelligence and beauty will grace the shows presence for many an episode to come. A girl doesn't ask for much, really, but this is one thing that would make an already kickass show become super top notch in my eyes. My prayers were answered because at the end of Season 4, Thirteen passed Houses's high standards and was welcomed on to the show full time. As if that wasn't enough excitement, they began to allude that Thirteen's sexuality was, well, not straight. At the end of Season 4, I learned that Thirteen was definitely bisexual and there seemed to be a bit of foreshadow that this would be an important part of the shows already drama-filled plot line.

Fast forward to now, October 22nd, 2008 and boy do I have news for you. Not only has HOUSE expanded on Thirteen's bisexuality in the newest, and most exciting season yet, they have made it a hot one. On last Tuesday's episode "Lucky Thirteen" (Episode 505 : 2008-10-21) Thirteen, is on a downward spiral while she tries to cope with her recent diagnosis of Huntington's Disease. She hooks up with a woman in a one-night stand who, afterward, suffers from a seizure. Thirteen accompanies her to the PPH ER. Cameron asks what the patient's name is, but Thirteen doesn't even know. They learn that the patient's name is Spencer, she is 26 and suffered a tonic clonic seizure. She has a history of fatigue, and two years ago had a retinal vein occlusion.

While Thirteen works on Spencer's case, she discovers that Spencer had written letters to Dr. House so he would take on her case. She accuses Spencer of sleeping with her to get to House, and Spencer admits she followed Thirteen to a bar to ask for help. Suddenly, Spencer clutches her chest and the cardiac monitor beeps.

Without giving away the rest, I will leave you with this short video clip that I am 99.99% positive you will thoroughly enjoy. If you are new to HOUSE, MD, I invite you to check out the show, as it is one of the best shows on TV today (in my professional TV-watching opinion). You can watch full episodes online here.

As for me, well I'm definitely following this season and all of Olivia Wilde's escapades on the show; this is the most romantic action HOUSE has seen in several seasons and now I'm just pining for more. I promise to keep you posted as I fully admit to being Wilde about Olivia and just can't get enough of this fresh, new face. Will there be more sexcapades on tonight's episode? And now I ask you, are you an Olivia Wilde fan? Do you watch HOUSE as religiously as I do?

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