Tina Fey is my Hero... Again

SNL does it again. This clip needs no introduction.


Queers United said...

i was laughing so hard when she said "no thank you"

Julie said...

Think I'm going to go out to night and shoot me some wolves or some bear and snare me a maverick! Think I've got a Tina Fey addiction...having difficulty realising that Sarah Palin is actually a real VP candidate and that every time I hear her interviewed it is NOT a spoof!


LOL...omg. I'm sooo lovin' me some SNL right now. Tina Fey is brilliant.

my fave part, "...the sanctity of marriage between two unwilling teenagers..."

BarbRyan said...

She is the new Queen of Comedy. Smart, funny, and sexy - that's a killer combo. She has a book of essays coming out, which I can't wait for.

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