Margaret Cho at CA State Capitol 11/22

How lucky are we? Not only do Californians get an opportunity to protest again this weekend on the heels of the California Supreme Court decision to hear arguments related to the passage of Prop 8, we get to have fun doing it! Margaret Cho will be emceeing the ginormous protest being held at the State Capitol on Saturday, 11/22, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

If you are headed into Sacramento - and I hope you are, if you can manage it, be sure to plan to walk as parking is always problematic downtown. Nearby public garages are located at 15 & K, 11th & I, 10th & L, 6th & L, 6th & J, 7th & K, and 14th & H.

The train, a cheap and easy alternative for Bay Area dwellers, let's off at 5th & I and the Capitol is located starting at 10th & L.

Bring your best sign and some walkin' shoes, baby!

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