OML In The Spotlight: Jackie and Layla

Everyone complains about the fact that there are very few lesbian characters and story lines on TV in the United States. While we agree with you, especially with the end of The L Word near, we decided to cast a wider net to find lesbian characters and story lines in television shows around the world.

At One More Lesbian we aggregate the world's lesbian film, television, and video content on one site. Through our search and all the submissions to the site , we've come to know a considerable amount of lesbian characters and story lines. Here's one example(with many more to come)...

Kick: Layla and Jackie
(Click image to view video)

'Kick' (Australia) is a 13 part, fast and lively romantic comedy series following the lives of wild, crazy, twenty something Miki Mavros, and several families from all over the world, who live and work in Brunswick, Australia. Love, laughs, friendship, fighting, families and football. Love is the Game. University student Layla meets Jackie in a fencing match and the sparks begin to fly. You can watch Layla and Jackie's relationship unfold here.

***No official plans for a second season have been announced by SBS TV.

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