The Word on the L Word 6-2

- Kelly Lynch

Welcome to the Degrassi Junior High... I mean… L Word, season 6 episode 2 recap. I’m sorry about the mix up. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a bunch of 8th grade lesbian rejects whose rich parents let them run around LA un-supervised. I still love the L Word but sometimes it’s a little painful to watch.

We start out this week’s episode with the first real threat on Jenny’s life by the “self absorbed, self indulgent little brat” Nikki Stevens. Nikki seems pretty bent that Jenny considered their relationship a “show-mance”. She was so mad that she threw a temper tantrum and kicked everyone, including the hot blond who wanted to bang her, out of her hotel. OMG! Nikki you are so scary.

I see this happening every week. Jenny is going to piss someone off and they’re going to look into the camera and say “Jenny Shecter you’re so fucking dead”. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the mystery bus pulls up one night outside of the Planet. Lame!

The black hole of Calcutta

The girls start out divided once again while at the Planet for breakfast with the cheaters at one table martyrs at the other. I have to say for grown women they act more like a bunch of silly tweens, Bette and Tina play rock, paper scissors for Christ’s sake. It’s enough to make a grown woman want to vomit.

There was a lot of silly banter; I think the only other pertinent information is that we find out that Alice and Jenny are both writing screenplays… which set us up for Alice’s rumored arrest for Jenny’s murder.


This episode Bette and Tina announce to the girls that they’re looking to adopt another baby. Um, didn’t they just get back together? I’m sure the logical thing to do is adopt especially considering Tina still had some hang-ups about Bette’s commitment issues. It probably doesn’t help that Jodi is still hanging around (go away Jodi… you are annoying) and Bette’s old college roommate Kelly (played by Elizabeth Berkley… her sex scenes are going to be awesome… I saw Show Girls) is in town and obviously has a thing for her.

Max beyond transgender-dome

Max goes in for his final consultation before his big surgery and finds out that he is pregnant. Max flips out and has an awkward physical fight with Tom in the hallway of an abortion clinic. Later, they make up and almost warm up to the idea of being West Hollywood fag dads. Isn’t that sweet?

Golden Girls

Joyce surprises Phyllis nude in her office and proposes. Phyllis accepts. How cute.

Nothing in common

Alice and Tasha are still having their problems. Last episode Tasha was complaining that they have nothing in common and should break up. They decide to go to therapy where the doctor says they shouldn’t be together because they have nothing in common.

They both couldn’t believe that he would say something like that. Sp they fuck in the car.

Oh, later they make a pro and con list where one of their biggest problems was that one of them doesn’t cook with pepper. Seriously…seriously.

The Hit

Kit and Helana are trying to stay focused on their new venture by staying away form sex, booze and drama. That doesn’t last too long because Alice happens to see Helena’s ex…lover/manipulator/ cunt-rag Dylan. Alice confronts her, which was hilarious, and Tasha offers to beat the bitch but Helena tries to play it cool.

In the end Helena couldn’t help confronting Dylan who seemed to take it as a come on… or something. I don’t know. It’s confusing.

The grossest hook-up of all time

Jenny won’t forgive Shane for hooking up with Nikki. Shane has tried really hard for a week to show Jenny how sorry she was by washing her car and making her waffles.

Lets let that that sink in. 1..2..3. okay.

Shane gives up and comes to Jenny’s house to pick up the rest of her stuff. Jenny then professes her love to Shane and then they hook up. Groooooooooooooss!

They aren’t personally gross, they are both really hot… but its Shane and Jenny. It’s like incest. Yuck!

Till next week


kristi a. said...

THANK GODDESS!!! i was thinking it was just me feeling just what you said!

Belhoste said...

Eeeeeewwwww!! Shane and Jenny together just makes me want to vomit.

FedUpDyke said...

Thank you for exposing this show for the juvenile tripe it is. I am SO sick of the weak, lame, inane, amateur drivel that passes for plotlines in lesbian stories. But then, as long as most lesbians slavishly drool over this rubbish, we shant see anything better.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies thanks for the comments. I really think this show died a very long time ago I think the first three seasons were good but after that... um It kinda sucked. It really could have been something more. They try to cram way too much in there.

But like I said the show is a part of me now. Its like dating someone who is really bad for you and you just can't let them go. I gather i'm just another self loathing lesbo.

six more episodes i'm free!!!

Anonymous said...

I just keep thinking "When are these ladies going to grow up?" Seriously, Shane has forever looked and dressed like a 13 y.o. She needs to look like an adult for a change.

Anonymous said...

well you never know, maybe next week they may start to act like mature responsible women who represent a beautiful and thriving community that wants to be taken seriously... I've always been a dreamer.

Jul said...

I agree with on most of this, however....Nikki's character is dramatic, but realistic. I (unfortunately) actually know a few well known celeb chicks who are young...and they are, well, not all brain surgeons. Kicking people out of their hotel would be a big deal and big drama...even if not for the rest of us. It's lame.

As for the rest, I think it's totally on target...bette and tina should not be adopting (esp when bette is going to hook up with her old college friend). and we're likely not going to find out at the end who killed Jenny anyway.

It's also, might I add, not unrealistic that everyone seems to hate Jenny...despite her character being annoying, she's likely the best actress on the set.