Style Stimulus Package for Lesbians

Yeah, the economy continues to tank and us girls have no extra money to spend on ourselves. Ah, if only Obama would have listened to me and included a clothes and shoes stipend in the stimulus bill. It would have put money back into the economy while making us happier and more stylish! I don't know about you, but new stuff makes me happy. It seems like I'm not the only one. Our entire culture is all about having the latest and greatest "stuff". We tend to buy things to make us feel better about ourselves. It's probably one of the reasons why our economy is in the dumps.

For example, I used to be an emotional shopper. Shopped when I was sad. Shopped when I was mad. It seemed to make me feel better until I got that credit card bill in the mail that I couldn't afford to pay. After finally getting out of credit card debt, I learned my lesson. Now, I'm a guilty shopper. "Oh, I can't afford that. I don't need that." If only someone would give me a $1,000 just to have fun, guilt-free shopping. Well since that's not going to happen any time soon, I've come up with a solution that will help me satisfy my need to shop and help the economy without breaking the bank.

Shop at Goodwill. Many people are not aware of the greatness of Goodwill. They think it's that place where you take all of the stuff you'll never wear again but would never actually buy anything there. I particularly like Goodwill because you get two-fold results from spending your hard earned money there. One, you get some nice clothes for yourself. Two, Goodwill provides education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages. According to their website, last year "local Goodwills collectively provided employment and training services to more than 1.1 million individuals". Sounds like an organization that everyone would want to support at a time like this.

There are so many good finds and deals at Goodwills too. I love going to Goodwills in cities other than where I live. They're perfect for finding t-shirts and sweatshirts that have local logos. They've also got those retro styles that we're so fond of. It's great for those of us who want to look fashionable but not like we tried too hard to look that way. You can even make it a challenge between you and your partner or friends to see who can come up with the best outfit for the least amount of cash. That's if you're one of those competitive dykes like me. So come on ladies, grab your girl and get to a Goodwill.


Ma'amselle Lezident said...

That's why I learned to sew; I can make a $600 dress for $40-worth of materials. It also keeps me from impulse shopping; I'll look at something I want in a store and say, "Would I take the time to make that?" If the answer's "no," I don't need it; if the answer's "yes," I'll make one myself that fits 100x better and is in a fabric I like.

Sinnerviewer said...

I donate to my local Goodwill, I shop there and I have used their job training center attached to the store to look for work. I am thankful we did this article because Goodwill is a fantastic organization that is worthy of support.

On a side note, please try to buy MADE IN USA when you shop for new items. you might pay a little more, but you'll be supporting our economy, not China's.

Jul said...

I donate to Goodwill, the salvation army, and my professional stuff goes to help women get interviews, etc....

It's an awesome place. Hey...why didn't I hear about YOUR stimulus ideas? Including a shopping stipend is so much better than the 3 million included for electric golf carts, that's for sure.

Becky C. said...

To my lil' ol' way of thinking Recession Chic Rocks,


Gaell said...

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