If OurChart is Dead...

.... than why the hell am I still getting emails from their site if it doesn't exist anymore??

Is this happening to anyone else or am I the only one? I get the following email, subject line "New private messages at OurChart", at least once a week:

Hi Renee Gannon, This is an automatic reminder from the site OurChart. You have received a new private message.

And when I click on the link I get this message:

Sorry, we couldn't find what you were looking for. This site is updated regularly and certain links may no longer work.

It's like an unending circle of torturous emails that promise everything and give nothing. It really messes with a girl's head. As if I don't have enough going on right now with a struggling economy, global warming and the constant pain of deciding who to vote for on American idol... it's really all too much for me to handle right now.

p.s. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


Anonymous said...

You are not the first person that I have heard this from. When you declare something dead, Our Chart Friends, you must actually pull the plug.

Becky C. said...

I have wondered the same thing. It is often difficult to totally kill stuff on the Internet--vestiges of old sites sometimes seem to remain on serves and in their ghostly state continue to operate under the ancient master"s or mistress's instructions.

I was suprised that site did not make it--it seemed to be off to a good start.