End US Hunger NOW: The Campaign and My Personal Video

On Friday, May 29th 2009, Ashton Kutcher sent out a tweet to his list of Twitter followers (just shy of 2 million) asking everyone to create a video that will become part of a viral video campaign for US Hunger. Ashton announced that a large US corporation would be willing to donate 10 million US dollars worth of products in US food aid but without the help of able and willing Americans everywhere, the donation may not happen.

The action alert was simply this (from HungerLimit.com):

1. Record a video of you or your friends saying "Are you hungry?", "Hungry?", "You look hungry", etc... then looking at the camera and saying "Eat!" or "Go Eat!" also saying "Some people Can't!" and finally a video of you or your friends eating something.

2. Upload your videos to YouTube and tag them with "endhungernow" or send them over to endushunger [at] gmail.com until Tuesday, June 2nd 2009.. All videos will be cut into a single viral video clip and posted online.

3. Follow @aplusk, @mrskutcher and @FeedingAmerica on Twitter to get the latest updates about the campaign.

4. Tweet about #HungerLimit, #Hunger and #USHunger to raise hunger awareness of your friends, colleagues and family members.

5. Visit FeedingAmerica.org online and contribute with a donation or become an advocate for the cause.

I decided to take action for once, hopped on my webcam and made my own little action alert. Here it is, I hope you like it.

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thewishfulwriter said...

Renee, YOU ROCK! I loved your video!!