"Sins Of Our 'Fathers'"


by Cynthia Rodriguez

It has been recently brought to my attention, quite a disturbing revelation that I never, truly realized the magnitude of it. The rest of the world pretty much hates us. In "us" I mean the U.S.A. Not that I really take it personally, being that a lot of what is said doesn't reflect on me on a personal level. Although I can understand where much of that comes from, nonetheless, it kind of bothers me a little bit.

Why is that? Well, in spite of some people joking around, calling me a Communist and such, (which, for the record, I am not. Not that there is anything wrong with that), I really DO love this country, at least the IDEA of it. The ideals of which is was built on, anyway. I don't like a lot of what we've become. Much of what we say and do as a whole, I think is wrong on many levels. Of course, I have my own opinions on all the issues we are currently dealing with. That is not the purpose of this rant, though.

The purpose of this is just to simply say to the REST of the world, which, surprise, surprise does not only consist of the United States, is: Please don't hate me. Contrary to popular belief, we are not ALL complete assholes. For example, we may have gotten all this whole outpouring of sympathy and support from all over when our 9-1-1 happened, but I also know there were plenty of people from all over who felt we got "what was coming to us". Even people from our own country, (not that they would ever admit any of this in public). I just think the whole thing is sad, all the way around.

I was finally made aware of all this from currently corresponding with a new friend from another country, just a little north from here. I don't think I've ever noticed how so consuming our own culture is to the rest of the world, our culture and habits (good and bad). I can also see we have developed quite of few, nasty, little stereotypes. I mean like, wow, some of them are pretty bad. How did all this happen? Why such a bad rep? How did our lovely "land of the free, home of the brave", and blah, blah, blah become known as the land of such shit heads to everyone else? I feel we are ALL to blame.

I know I cannot speak for everyone else but I really feel like we have become very self-centered, "Queen-Bee", and bully-like in thinking it's ALWAYS all about US. It is not. There ARE other places out there, and all other kinds of people and just because they are not just like us, doesn't make them any less human, or make US any better.

On the flip side of that I can't help but think, gimmee a break, there is NO country, government or people without flaws. Nobody's perfect. Everyone gets their own kind of "brainwashing" to a certain extent, and everyone is a product of their own environment, not just us United Staters, United Stateans, USA'ers, or whatever less pleasant terms of endearment people have for us. We shouldn't be so quick to judge others, when we can't even do that for ourselves. I think in some cases we may be more similiar to them, and vice versa than they'd like to be.

Another thing I've gotten out of all this is realizing how much I really SUCK at Geography. It's so bad, it's pretty shameful. I swear at my next book club I am so getting several maps, an atlas, and a new globe.

This is part of why I am an activist. I may not be the most worldy person, being that have not been to many places in my lifetime, but I feel like I deal with some pretty universal topics such as human rights, and homelessness & poverty. Trying to do my part to make my country a better place for all. I believe that is what being a true patriot is all about. I feel if we all do that, we may get a little better reputation with all our neighbors around the world.

Hmmm, on second thought, next time I try to date a woman from another country maybe I'll fake some accent and tell her I'm from some obscure, little country she's never heard of...


H2121cm said...

Lesbians are slack. No comments yet. (Did I say that)?

I had been thinking about the sins of our fathers for most of the day and then I saw a mention on Twitter. You took a completely different tack than I had being expecting.

Getting out a map is no bad thing. At least you have a map. I wonder how many Senators have passport? I think it is around 30%. Is the rest of the World not sufficiently interesting to them?

I must stop now. I am avoiding doing some detailed work which I have being putting off.

P.S USA can keep your 'birthers' and that "god hates fags" nutter. (This print is incredibly small).

Cynthia said...

Thanks H20,

Yes, on a lesbian site you can possibly get about 50 comments for anything having to do with the "L Word", but maybe 2 comments for anything political, gotta love it...


"Book Reviewer Extraordinaire"

Eric said...

I have an US friend living here in Brazil that swears to God that all the world envies USA. So, I guess it's a matter of point of view :) If there is hate on the equation it is probably due to the Bush aura that I hope will dissipate with the new government. See ya!