Lesbiatopia: A New Look for The NEW Lesbian

 (from the Editor & Founder of Lesbiatopia.com)

Lesbiatopia was a project I started in 2007 only a few short years after I came out of the closet.  I was feeling so gay I felt the need to express myself to an audience that would not only relate to what I was going through, but would participate.  Well, I can say without hesitation that this blog has become so much more than I ever imagined.  It has been a sounding board, a creative outlet, a fun form of written expression, a gathering of friends and strangers, a partner in activism and more.  I have seen many eager writers donate their time and energy into heartfelt articles, articles about bad hair and even articles about sex.  It has seen thousands of page views and has been visited by all demographics from all around the world.  It was even nominated as the "Best LGBT Blog of 2008" in the 2008 bloggie awards, being beat out only by the Queen of Media himself, Perez Hilton.  Not a bad feat if I do say so myself.

I feel like a proud mother when I look back at countless hours I have put in making the site something that I could truly and genuinely feel good about.  When I think back to all that I accomplished, I can only smile and wonder what the future for the site holds.  I know I have neglected my lesbian love child for some time now, getting caught up in other projects, work, life, love, heartbreak, cross country travel, a big move from Boston to LA and back to Boston again, change of jobs, change of girlfriends, change.  It's funny how life can take off on you like a teenager in a souped up Honda.  Vroom vroom, you bat an eye, and it's 5 years later. I had been wanting to resurrect the site for so long but like so many things, I kept procrastinating the re-design (or my ADD got in the way).  I finally put my foot down and I am so glad I did.  After diligently working with a brand new look and feel for the site, I decided to go with a cleaner, simpler, more accessible design. And I want to go big. Again.  Mom always said, "Go big or go home".  And for the record, it wasn't my mom that said that, but I'm sure it was someone's.

Despite the new look, I thought it'd be fun and somewhat reminiscent to highlight some of the site's best articles and shining moments since its inception in 2007.  One of my all time favorite moments was meeting, interviewing and becoming friends with the beautiful and talented comedic actress Nicol Paone.  I did a 5 part video interview series with her and she was kind enough to invite me into her home.  You can see Exclusive! An Interview with BGSS's Nicol Paone, Part 1 of 5 here.  In meeting Nicol, I also become good friends with her hilarious and extremely talented girlfriend, Erin Foley.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that the site provided me with in meeting some of Hollywood's most hilarious gay women.  And I got to go to free comedy shows whenever I wanted.  It was, in short, awesome.

From my work with Lesbiatopia, I was offered a writing position at AOL's biggest gay blog (at the time) QueerSighted.com. I also wrote for OurChart.com during the final season of The L Word, an honor than any lesbian would be uber proud of.  

I was sent to the True Colors tour concert as a photography and journalist, I was invited to the premier of Itty Bitty Titty Committee, and I even produced a collaborative webisode, OutLoud, with the lovely and very talented out lesbian actress, Michelle Wolff. Lesbiatopia Exclusive: OutLoud, An Inside Look at Out Entertainment

In addition to all the celesbian fun, there are countless articles in the Lesbiatopia archives that I just adore.  880 to be exact.  Can you believe it? 880 articles were written on this blog by countless numbers of contributors. Friends. Strangers.  Ex Girlfriends.  It's sort of crazy when I think about it, I almost can't believe it's true.  It is virtually impossible to go through EVERY single article that was ever written and pick out my favorite, BUT I did manage to round up a few of the best, funniest and most controversial and have compiled them here for you to savior and enjoy; a little throwback to the good old days. 

When Lesbians Go Crazy 

A Tribute to Red Heads plus Your Favorites

The L Word and Its Lack of Monogamy 

Lesbian Bride Chronicles: Are Same Sex Weddings 'Real'?

Lesbian Fashion: Then and Now

Lesbian Hair: The Good, The Bad and Ugly

When it all boils down to it, I decided to breathe life back into Lesbiatopia.com, not because of the free stuff, or the media passes, or even the fame (ha!) but it is simply because I love to write. I'm sure you're wondering what the future of Lesbiatopia holds, and that remains to be seen. But there will be new content, more content, and more frequent content.  It will be fun, and smart, and fresh, and entertaining.  And if you are interested in being a contributing, send me an email and I will get you set up with your own profile for the site and you too can see how amazing it is to have a voice to an audience that listens and cares.  I hope you enjoy the new look and I welcome any and all feedback, thoughts, comments, one-liners, etc.  And let the record show that although this site is titled "Lesbiatopia", any and all members of the LGBTQI community are always welcomed, this is truly a judgement free zone.  

Peace, Love and Lesbians,

Renee Gannon
Editor-in-Chief, Lesbiatopia.com


kathy said...

Renée, thank you for coming back. Not only have I missed your caring, dynamic spirit in LA, but also in your successful blog Lesbiatopia! Honestly and sincerely, you are one of my heros! ~KathyS

Renee Gannon said...

Thanks for your kind words, Kathy. You always know how to stroke my ego :)

Jessica Sperandio said...

You are amazing!

Kelly said...

Happy to have you back in the fold. I will be sure to post, tweet, and scream about it from the rooftops!!

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