Tonight!! Uh Huh Her in Costa Mesa, CA with Maniac and We Are / She Is

Comprised of members Leisha Hailey, most known for her role as Alice in The L Word, and Camila Grey of the lo-fi indie group Mellowdrone, Uh Huh Her prepares to bring the hype to the Orange County music scene at the the small yet popular venue, Detroit Bar. The indie/synth/rock duo is on their second tour since their release of their brand new second EP, Black and Blue, and is currently writing and recording for their second album due next spring, NOCTURES. They have just finished a residency in Las Vegas, NV and are ready to hit up a couple California coast shows before returning to their hometown, Los Angeles. 

On tour and sharing the stage with UHH is Maniac, a vibrant, indie/pop group native from Australia. Since their formation in September 2010, Maniac has done several US and Australia tours and have made about a dozen self-produced music videos for their fans. Opening this highly anticipated night is the energetic, OC local alternative/dance duo We Are / She Is. Formed in August 2010, We Are / She Is have since recently had their single "Barlights" featured on The Real L Word along with successfully wrapping up their first west coast tour. 

Uh Huh Her, Maniac and We Are/She Is will be at Detroit Bar on July 31, 2011. Show starts at 9pm. You can buy tickets at: http://tktwb.tw/j9oeK9