Lesbian book review: "Pink Lips: And Other Stories for Girls Only" by Elisabeth Anne Ryder

PINK LIPS AND OTHER STORIES FOR GIRLS ONLY BY ELISABETH ANNE RYDER BOOK REVIEW BY CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ THIS REVIEW CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, AND SEXUAL CONTENT. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.   I have always been a big advocate of SMUT. Pretty much in every way, shape and form it comes in, in print, photos, art, moving pictures, (yes, porn), and live performance art, (yes, strippers). I'm not afraid to admit it. I KNOW I'm not the only one. As long as they are consenting (human) adults, they have my blessing. What can I say, I never claimed to be saint. Yes, I've pretty much always been a spiritual person, but yes, I've also always been a very sexual person, and I make no apologies for that, and I'm not ashamed of it. I think women have gone through enough shaming over the years, especially when it comes to this issue. Well, that doesn't fly with me. The art of "EROTICA" has it's purpose, otherwise it would not exist. All those cheesy "romance novels" with the Fabio covers have been keeping single women, and unsatisfied wives company for years, supply and demand, there are here for a reason. I call these books "masturbation companions". Hey, nothing wrong with that. It's the safest sex there is. Certainly works for me. However, honestly, I've never been a huge fan of these kinds of books. In my lifetime so far, I've probably only read just a handful of this genre. I believe one of the biggest reasons for that was because for the longest time it was mostly targeted to the straight community, but not anymore.... This is a pretty big deal for me, being that this is my first official review on an erotica book, and just for LESBIANS! Which may be the first one I've actually ever read. Now there is definitely a need for it, just like there's demand for girl on girl action in magazines, and films. Now on to "PINK LIPS".... I was impressed with Pink Lips. First, I like it because it is broken down into 20 short chapters. Perfect for ADD'ers. It's not one long "love story" that drags on and on and on. Each one is pretty clear cut, with a beginning, middle, and end. They met, they fucked, the end. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. NEXT! Wash, rinse, repeat. Perfect for one who just wants to read a few pages, and rub one out quick. And all twenty stories are different, (even though you know what's gonna happen eventually in each chapter). I like the way they switch up the scenarios and the locales, the characters, their occupations, yada, yada. We're at a spa, we're at the lake, now we're in a hospital, a strip club, the beach, a gas station, etc, etc. I think they pretty much cover a lot of different women's fantasies. C'mon, admit it. We all do it. We're in a certain place, and look around and think to ourselves, "...wow, this would be a great place to do it right here, right now..." It taps deep into that part of our psyche, the animal in us, the id, the "LET'S GET PHYSICAL" side that we all have, especially women. But it doesn't do it in a raunchy way. It's very tasteful, and I'll even say classy for this kind of book, meaning, you can tell it was written by a WOMAN. By a woman, for women. No one knows a woman's body like a woman. This is the perfect erotica book for Lesbians, and for any bi-curious female out there who's always wanted to try it. Read this book first. If you are, you will know it. Even though it may go a little over the top with how orgasmic all these women seem to be, that's what we want to hear. In our heads, we want to see mind-blowing, earth shattering ORGASMS, (because they're not just for men), and because I feel unfortunetly, for A LOT of women, they never achieve that in their lifetime, or least not as much as they would like to. So, at least for women, deep down, that is what we all want, and PINK LIPS delivers.   4 stars    

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