"Wicked" just doesn't cut it anymore

II've already been made fun of several times by some local Californians for having a "wicked" bad Boston accent. Ironically, my accent isn't much of a Boston accent, not like people who were brought up in Dorchesta (Dorchester) or Medfid (Medford). And it's certainly not a sexy or glamorous accent like Helena Peabody on the L Word (she could talk dirty to me any time). Although I don't have a prominent accent, there are some hints and twinges here and there where the wickedness really comes out (pardon my pun). The biggest thing about Bostonians is that they refuse to articulate, and they don't say their "r's". I'm sure you've all heard the infamous "Pahk the cah in the Hahvid yahd". According to Wikapedia, the traditional Boston accent is called non-rhotic; in other words, the phoneme [r] does not appear at the end of a syllable or immediately before a consonant, as in some types of British English.

My goal here is to re-introduce those "r's" into my life and try my best to blend in as a California native. No one likes a tourist, and I'm sick of being honked at because my MA plates make me stick out like a hippy at an Eminem concert.

If you've never been to Boston, or had the chance to meet someone with a "wicked" accent, check out this hilarious SNL skit (one of my favorites) of Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck at a "typical" Boston party.

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