Wow, ever since I moved out to LA, I've become more busy and more social than I've ever been (and that's pretty social). This post is meant particularly for the LA-area lesbians because I have some exciting news! Me, my g/f and a few friends have recently started an LA lesbian social meetup group called madFEMMEpride-LA.

What is madFEMMEprideLA? Well, it's AWESOME!!! Ok, I'll explain...
madFEMMEprideLA: femme/grrrl/women's social events for LA-area queers of all colors and walks of life.

no-attitude, 100% positive vibes, totally genuine gatherings for queers, especially girlie grrrls. we rock and we roll.

use the message board for planning meaningful-fun-frien dly gatherings; to network, discuss issues, flirt, announce, collaborate, celebrate, activate...

always pro-butch. pro-trans. pro-feminist. anti-label. pro-equality. (we are femme-positive, but not femme-only, or only femmes4femmes). we're a conglomerate of eclectic individuals; singles, couples, triples and freefloaters.

for grrls who want to speak out, speak up or speak easy. for social butterflies and wallflowers. for spiked blue hair and long golden locks. for the gender defiant and the gender definers. for hippies and skaters and preppies and rockabillies.

this LA chapter began over a glass of boxed wine, a dream and the inspiration from Boston's own MadFemmePride who boasts over 1300 members to date! we are two Boston grrls and two Cali grrls who want to welcome you to a fun-friendly group where EVERY girl is invited!

Interested? You can sign-up here!!

If you aren't from LA, but still looking for a way to make new friends, I highly suggest you check out Meetup.com. It's an awesome way to make new friends with similar interests in your area so don't be shy, go check it out!!

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