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This morning, my super-fantastic, patient, and non-demanding editor (who I also proudly call my friend in "real life") kindly asks me via IM if I have anything "funny" in the works.I'm recovering from my 26th birthday and I have my period.Neither of these things are funny.
And it's Monday.

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Too much cake...
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Taz said...

hehe - well I was amused. You have a editor? Awesome!

Queersited is gone? Man, you leave the blogosphere for a few weeks (OK months) and it all comes crashing down =(

Glad you're writing here again though, tbh. I'm going to add Lesbiatopia to my blogroll now for sure =)

dubbs said...

Lesbiatopia thanks you for your support!

And remember...periods, birthdays, and Mondays are ALWAYS funny. Just like poop jokes.

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