Fun L Word Parodies

Hello friends! As you all know the L Word season premiere is right around the corner and being that I am the official L Word specialist I wanted to do a little research to see what we had in store for ourselves this year.

On my quest for some dirt I just happened to stumble upon some parodies on the L Word that I thought were pure genius. I hope you all enjoy these as much as I have.

This first parody is of the L Word theme song titled The F Word. These chicks did a great job putting this together. Please note the lesbian flailing at the bowling ally as well as the perfect aloof Jenny impersonation.

The F Word

This second parody I found is not about the show itself but of the creator and producer of the L Word the always self promoting Ilene Chaiken. I think we all can agree that Ilene is on camera a little too much and can be a little creepy (behind her back I call her Ilene Chaiken-stein).

The Ilene Chaiken Parody

The third parody I found was something that was made quite some time ago. Some dykes from New York put together a spoof called The D Word. It stars the funny and fabulous Julie Goldman (who some of you might know from LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show).

I couldn’t find the actual episodes anywhere! It seems it has only been played at film festivals as a cinematic feature. I don’t know why a group like Power Up doesn’t pick it up and put in on disc! I would totally buy it! or at least show it on LOGO.

I did however get a clip of the theme song and an interview with the creator.

In any event, it seems pretty funny. Hopefully by posting it some resourceful lesbian will find a way to get it to me for my ( as well as your) viewing pleasure.

The D Word

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Lesberita said...

"Women who shave but don't bother to twease, leaving small patches of hair on their knees"

Omigod, that was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Me said...

hahahaa. Where do you find this stuff. good work beebo.