Beebo and The Gay Guy talk about The Big Gay Sketch Show Season 2 premiere


Yes sireee, Tuesday night was the premiere episode of LOGO’s comedy hit.

Aren’t you excited

Well we were. So instead of giving you the traditional “impersonal” blah blah blah review of the shows premier that everyone else is doing, we thought we might take a stab at something a little different. Today my favorite gay and I will be talking candidly about the show, giving you our impressions of the season opener.

Now if you haven’t seen The Big Gay Sketch Show before some of our dialog might not make much sense to you, but you can log onto LOGO online to check it out (and you should…or we just might ask for your gay card back).

The very funny and talented cast for season two consists of veterans Erica Ash, Julie Goldman, Steven Guarino, Johnny McGovern, Kate McKinnon and Nicole Paone, also joined this season by two new cast members, Paolo Andino and Coleman Domingo, replacing Dion Flynn and Michael Serrato from last season.

In this episode we will check out two hilarious celebrity spoofs, one by Julie Goldman as Liza Minelli being Super Liza; a super hero who gets her powers from booze and a first rate impersonation by Kate McKinnon, doing Sally Fields way overacting a Boniva commercial . We also got to see a couple of Lesbians commenting on their exes at a gay bar, our favorite dancing assassin, Svetlana, strutting her stuff and eliminating her competition on Dancing with the Stars with partner Antonio Bandaras, an uproarious skit with gays ogling a hot Latin shipping clerk, and a too funny for words Dynasty Parody.

So without further adieu here is Beebo and The Gay Guy with our impressions of the The Big Gay Sketch Show season primer:

BEEBO: So, what did you think of the season premier?

GAY: I thought it was strong. Really strong. I defiantly like the new gay guys…Coleman Domingo, he was funny and Paolo was hot.

BEEBO: Yeah. But I miss Michael Soratto... the guy who played Mrs. G
(In unison) Girls... Girls…

GAY: Yeah he was great. You know what they need. They need a new girl

BEEBO : Why? Who isn’t working for you?

GAY: No, they’re all great… but they need guest stars.., like, on MAD TV and SNL. You know what they need… They need an Asian gay woman

BEEBO: An Asian.

GAY: Yeah! They need one

BEEBO: What kind of dynamic would that add Michael?

GAY: it would add a little more color to the rainbow. Someone like Margaret Cho...

BEEBO: Margaret Cho could be a guest star… I guess… but not part of the cast… Every time I see her on shows… she doesn’t do it for me… but her standup is good… love the standup.

GAY: I think she delivers and I think she would be a good edition.

BEEBO: But I do think they might have some guest stars. You know the Elaine Stritch lady?

GAY: Yeah! I love her.

BEEBO: I think she is going to be on this season.

GAY: Really! The real Elain Stritch... WRONG!

BEEBO: Yeah…and I read they might have a couple guest stars… like Kate Clinton and Christine Ebersole.

GAY: Really… who the fuck are they?

BEEBO: (Laughs) I don’t know... I Googled it.
Okay, so… what was your favorite sketch?

GAY- I’m going to have to say Super Liza (laughs).

BEEBO- I knew it… I loved Liza too. Julie Goldman played that shit perfect... really funny. I seriously fucking love her.

GAY: To be honest… she scared me when I first saw her on the BGSS last season.


GAY: I guess because she was so butch…the real butchie ones scare me.

BEEBO: Really!? I had no idea. But you loved the Celesbian Interviews on LOGO.

GAY: Yeah… I did… but now it’s different. She’s like soft on the inside and hard on the outside… like a Ho Ho. (laughs).

BEEBO: (laughs) Like the cake. (Laughs)… A Ho Ho... like someone you want to get to know know. You’re too funny.

BEEBO: So, what did you rate Super Liza?

GAY: A ten. The whole thing was just great. Steven Guarino’s crotch looked awesome. I mean look at his crotch. I saw a little Mexican lady coming out of a gate that wasn’t supposed to be there and she looked scared. That was funny. I loved the whole thing… My favorite lines were, “I summon the power of mama” and “ I work with retarded children”

BEEBO: Yeah.. and “C’mon you faggots”. That was one of the best Julie Goldman performances on the show to date. I hope its recurring…
I wonder if those were real martinis.

GAY: You would.
Now they need to do an Elizabeth Taylor. Like a parody of that crazy clip when she’s doing and interview and howls like a dog.

BEEBO: I love that! That would be awesome. Okay. What about the Sally Field Sketch?
GAY: I give Sally a solid 9

BEEBO: I give it a 10. That was my favorite one by far. She nailed that. I mean, the scene from Steal Magnolia’s is one of my favorite scenes ever. And we have been making fun of Sally Field lately ourselves, with all the Boniva commercials and Brothers and Sisters… So that had to be the winner for me… and she nailed it.

GAY: Yes, we like Kate in that… but Liza wins.

BEEBO: How about the Lesbian bar scene?

GAY: Watching it again I appreciated it because Kate Mckinnon makes all those great funny faces.

BEEBO: Agreed.

GAY: So I gave that one a 7

BEEBO: I agree a 7… but I liked it because it was so relatable. Every time I go to a gay bar most of the chicks are like twelve, unapproachable and all look like Shane from the L Word. It’s disgusting…

GAY: really... last time I went they were all young and butch

BEEBO: fun for you?

GAY: Yeah... lots

BEEBO: How about the UPS Sketch?
I see why you would like it but…

GAY: I gave it a 5… it was a little drawn out. But Paolo is hot and Johnny McGovern wasn’t as scary… and I really like Domingo.

BEEBO: I have to give it a three. I like the concept but…um… I though he was going to drop Kate at the end…So It lost all funny for me. (laughs). I was like nooo. Don’t hurt her… she’s too good.
Anyway…Okay how about the Svetlana sketch?

GAY: That one was really good… I gave that a 9

BEEBO: I give it a nine as well. Steven Guarino is great, and he can really dance…and the Melanie Griffith was spot on
GAY: yeah and Svetlana has a great ass…I loved the Melanie Griffith. (Laughs) “Anotnio… Antonio”.

BEEBO: How about Dynasty?
GAY: A six

BEEBO: A six… WOW! I thought that sketch was really really funny.

GAY: It was funny yeah, but…

BEEBO: I can’t point to why I think this sketch is so funny… I just started cracking up.

GAY: Maybe it was when the shoulder pads fell out of Nicole Paones coat that set you off

BEEBO: Maybe… or it’s Julie Goldman and Johnny McGovern as the body doubles…
Well, my favorite part is when they drag Nicole Paone in the pool…And then they all start fighting in there… I don’t know… it just stuck me as funny.

GAY: Okay a 7

BEEBO: was that all of them?

GAY: I think so.

BEEBO: Alright really quick who is your favorite BGSS person?

GAY: I have to say… I have a crush on Nicole Paone.

BEEBO: A little crush... (Laughs) she is hot.

GAY: And she’s from Jersey.

BEEBO: And she’s from Jersey… and funny… and hot

GAY: So cute

BEEBO: Well, you know who my favorite is

GAY: Yeah, Dion Flynn (laughs)

BEEBO: Who?… I do like the two new guys.

GAY: No... He was from the first season…You wouldn’t really know he was there… I know who it is…it’s Kate McKinnon.

BEEBO: And she was in every sketch.

GAY: Well, not Super Liza.

BEEBO: Yes she was.

GAY: No.

BEEBO: She played the little twink boy in the yellow polo that Liza had to save.

GAY: No she didn’t… wasn’t her.

BEEBO: Anyway… I love Julie Goldman too.

GAY: Meee too…She’s my number two and you know what we need, more Alicia Taylor.


GAY: The black girl.

BEEBO: You mean Erica Ash.

GAY: Yeah… that was a chick from the ghost whisperer…getting my shows confused. Yes… Erica Ash… She’s good… I want more of her.
Ooh today is Ash Wednesday by the way.

BEEBO: It is? hmmm. I’m not catholic… so
GAY: Me neither...If I need an ash I’ll just go outside.

BEEBO: Oh! You missed Rosi and Chasity Bono at the end. They were like the critics from the Muppets, eating popcorn and commenting on the show.

GAY: Why wouldn’t they be eating popcorn?

BEEBO: (laughs) Chasity looks like she’d be cute if…

GAY: Well, she was on celebrity fit club.

BEEBO: Really.

GAY: Yeah, obviously it doesn’t work for everyone.


GAY: okay we’re signing out… till next time.

BEEBO: oh… okay…Bye.

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