The L Word Episode 505: Looking At You Kid

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Jenny introduces us to the cast of her film and decides to throw a party in their honor. But we know its not all fun and games when it comes to these West Hollywood drama queens.

Max the Trans-gendered Detective

Everyone seems to love Jenny’s new assistant Adel. Jenny can’t live without her, Alice thinks she’s a cutie, Shane thinks she’s sweet and Tina thinks she might be a great asset to the production of Lez Girls. But when Adel’s stories start to get a little shady Max conducts a little back-round check. As it turns out, Adel’s stories about her past don’t add up and Max expresses his concerns to Jenny.
But when confronted Adel makes a good case for herself and the rest of the girls go right along with it. So, of course Max looks like the bad guy. Will the lesbo’s ever give Max the benefit of the doubt? Well, I’m with Max on this one. I think Adel is up to something. But Jenny has her head so far up her own ass she’s not going to notice until its way too late.

At this point I might as well get Jenny out of the way.

Jenny and Nikki in the closet (with Adel watching… gross)

Last week Jenny wasn’t too happy about casting Nikki Stevens in her movie but this week she’s singing a totally different tune. Thanks to Adel the two are getting along famously. I only say that because they end up fucking in Jenny’s closet. I wonder how that’s going to play out on the set. hmmmm
I do have to say that their love scene was one of my favorite L Word sex scenes ever. We haven’t seen a good FUN sex scene since Dana and Alice ( tear). Usually on the L Word we get a lot of “fuck scenes’ which gets a little boring. It was refreshing to see two ladies playing and having fun with each other.

While I’m on the subject of closets…

Out and About

This week, Alice “outs” basketball player Daryl Brewer on her website after she sees him gay bashing other homosexuals on TV. Before she knows it the whole thing goes viral and she’s defending her actions on national television. Alice makes some very excellent points and wins her argument (for now). You go girl!
Oh wait… What did you say? She’s dating a closeted lesbian… who is also being investigated for homosexual conduct by the military… and if she’s found guilty her whole life could be ruined. Shit! I forgot about that… and obviously so did Alice.
Tasha confronts Alice about her new found fame at Jenny’s party. The couple had a pretty nasty fight about the whole thing. I think this might be the end for these two. I kind of saw it coming. I know they really like each other, but sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a relationship work. Life has a way of getting in the way.

Speaking of fights…

Dawn Denbo and her Lover Cindy

Last week Shane had a threesome with “Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy” the owners of SheBar. This week “Lover Cindy” wanted Shane all to herself. Shane did her best to fight her off, but “lover Cindy’s” vagina got in the way. No worries “Lover Cindy” said Dawn wouldn’t mind.
But I guess “Lover Cindy” doesn’t know Dawn Denbo as well as she thought. Just when Jenny’s party was getting good Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy stormed in and threatened to ruin Shane for putting her skinny hands all over “lover Cindy’s” Hollywood Tan. The least Shane could have done was invite her (I guess they teach that at lesbian etiquette class).
Denbo isn’t just going to ruin Shane. She also threatened everyone at the party and even the Planet.
I don’t know who Dawn Denbo thinks she is, but no bitch fucks with my girl Kit! I’m leaving it up to the girls to take her down… Dawn Denbo the lesbo needs to go… and she has to stop saying “I’m Dawn Denbo and this is my lover Cindy.”

And while were on the topic of crazy fucking lesbians and their drama…

Caught Up In A Moment

Last week, Bette and Tina had a “weak “moment and hooked up. This episode, Tina tried to avoid the situation but Bette felt the need to talk about it (typical dyke). They both agreed it was a mistake but for some reason Bette still feels the need to use Tina as a “crutch” to salvage her “nowhere” relationship with Jodi and create more awkward moments (Yawn).
Later at Jenny’s party Tina asks Bette if she is in love with Jodi and Bette says “Yes” (seriously?).Then, Tina proceeds to gets shit faced ( awesome!) and Jodi has her crash on Bette’s couch so she doesn’t drive drunk (a responsible lesbian moment). Bette comes out of her bedroom and Jody tells her that Tina is sleeping on the couch. Then Bette stands there and stares at her (um…creepy).
I am so over the Bette and Tina thing. It’s been going on for over four years. Is anybody with me on this one?

Regardless of all frivolous crap that goes on in this show I really liked this episode. The L Word can be really funny sometimes. There were a few really great one liners. My favorite was in the beginning of the episode when Nikki was asking Adel for an opinion on a dress and Jenny says, “Don’t Listen to her. She wears mom jeans with camel toe… its true.” So great!
I also really enjoyed the party. It had good music, good friends, booze, pot brownies and skinny dipping. For a second you might think you were watching a home movie of you and your friends… I loved that you were able to relate to it.
The last personal highlight I’ll mention is being introduced to the people playing the characters in Lez Girls and experiencing the reactions from the actual characters. It was so much fun to watch Bette freak out and Shane screw around with the girl who “plays gay for pay”. I really can’t wait to see aspects of this come to life on screen.

I don’t know Ilene is going to fit all of these stories into the next 7 episodes but I have faith.

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