The Lesbian Dating Book Needs YOU!!!

Exciting news!!

Authors Michele O'Mara, LCSW and Ellen Holland,MSW of thelesbiandatingbook.com are writing a book about women dating women and they need YOUR help. They are asking you, our readers, if they have you ever been out with another woman and found yourself wondering the whole time "Is this a date?"

Without road map's, lesbians are venturing out, where no woman has gone before (or in some cases where many women have gone before) into this cat-eat-cat world, seeking companionship, searching for soul-mates, longing for love, or at a minimum hoping to find a good time. We have decided to shine a light on lesbian and bisexual women dating, and find out once and for all, what is working and what isn't.

They intend to survey at least 500 lesbian and bisexual women from across the U.S. about lesbian dating between now and April 30, 2008. Can they count you in?

Take the Survey if you're Single

Take the Survey if you're partnered

Interested in learning more? You can also get event information here.

Happy surveying and stay-tuned for updates!

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