Pin-Up Of The Week: Jill Bennett

My Lover C. contaminated me with Jill Bennett adoration. At Casa Dykes it's hard to get away from Jill Bennett these days so I figured it was better to join My Lover C.'s crush than to try and fight it. (We almost decided to make a fan website this weekend but then our age dawned on us again and we felt a little bit ashamed.) Amongst other things Jill Bennett stars in 3Way and she's one of the terrible three in AfterEllen's We're Getting Nowhere vlog. She also acted in quite a few films and over the weekend we watched In Her Line Of Fire.

When we had been watching for about 15 minutes I said to My Lover C.: I wish we had already finished watching it because it's such an awful movie. But My Lover C. was relentless and she told me that if I wanted to indulge in some Jill Bennett - a desire I had previously stated - I should shut up, watch the movie and focus on Jill Bennett's dirty red t-shirt. So I watched the entire movie but not without feeling like I wasted 2 hours of my life just because I'm a lesbian and I have some insane desire to watch other lesbians on TV, no matter how bad the movie is.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Because Jill Bennett now also stars in Dante's Cove we felt like we had to give that series a try as well. And even though My Lover C. had warned me that the number of naked chests on that show (she did some research) is very high I was not prepared for what I saw. I think we watched it for about half an hour and in those 30 minutes we saw 4 (four) gay (male) shag scenes, and it wasn't just some kissing, let me tell you that. I think it comes very close to soft porn (I'll need to ask My Lover C. to some research on that as well) and it is of course also totally over the top (the tag line 'Posessed & Undressed' says it all, really). When I went to bed a little later I was amazed at the things we put ourselves through because of cute dykes. Because Jill Bennett is cute, there's no denying that. I just wish she would play some other, more watchable parts. Please Jill, do it for the dykes.

Jill Bennett

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Lesberita said...

Jill Bennett... so hot!!!!

Dykes And The City said...

I find it hard to choose between Jill Bennett & Bridget McManus... not that I am in a position that I need to choose of course :-)