The L Word Episode 510... and 509

Hey ladies! (And I think maybe a few gentlemen) Sorry for not delivering on last weeks recap. My excuse is that even writers at Lesbiatopia have lives. This week I’m going to try and get both episodes into one recap. The best way to go bout this is…wait… is there a best way to go about this? I’ll do my best.

Last week's episode consisted of rolling blackouts and extreme heat which constituted a lot of love making with this gaggle of gals. This week the girls are out of bed and on their bikes for the Pink Ride where they get to pay tribute to their old friend Miss Dana Fairbanks who was written off the show a few couple of seasons ago because the creative minds behind the program felt that it was the only way for the audience to really feel the impact of losing loved one to breast cancer (I’m sure it really compares).

The ladies are giving this ride their all but this good will pleasure cruise soon turns into a fucking nightmare. And why wouldn’t it? It is the L Word after all.
Jenny and Nikki

Last week Jenny flipped out because she found out that Nikki banged Greg (the guy who plays Jim…Tim?) after the premier party. Jenny realized she over reacted and wrote Nikki a love letter. Nikki was so moved by the letter she rushed to Jenny’s house to tell her that she forgives and loves her. As Nikki approaches Jenny with her speech and kisses her she realizes that the dark figure is that creep Adel and not Jenny.
Nikki writes it off the grotesque experience as a mistake and later finds Jenny on the set of Lez Girlz and they have awesome make up sex.

This week Nikki blows off her Rolling Stone cover shoot to take the Pink Ride with her favorite woman.Tina gets a little bent, but they’re having such a good time laughing , kissing, having sex with strap-on’s and video taping it that they really don’t care.
Everything is fun and games until Jenny’s creepy assistant sits outside their tent smoking a ciggarette and watching them have sex and then the bitch steals their video.What a creep!

Side note/Question: Did anyone else think that Nikki was kind of hitting on Shane?

Dawn Denbo and her Lover Cindy

Last week Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy had a mafia-like sit down with the girls to negotiate territory and turf… I think…I kind of blocked it out because it was a little cheesy. There were a few funny moments. For example, when Jenny said that she thought Denbo was psychotic, I thought that was funny, but its all about the delivery in my book (and Mia Kirshner is just funny).
In the end they came to some sort of agreement which I’m sure will get fucked up somewhere along the way.

This week there was nothing going on with Dawn Denbo and her Lover Cindy.
I was surprised… I thought they would have followed the girls to Northern cali with team Lover Cindy or something.

The love triangle that Jodi didn’t know about

Last week, Bette and Tina go to therapy but get stuck in the elevator during a rolling blackout. They made the experience a productive one byworking out their issues, professing their love for each other and fucking.

This week, during a game of “I never” while the girls are camping Jodi finds out that Bette and Tina have been fucking behind her back. This didn’t go over to well with any of the parties involved.
I just think that if Bette and Tina really didn’t want Jodi to know they could have done a lot better at hiding it. Seriously, haven’t you ever lied during that game? Did Tina have to get up and run away? did bette have to make that face? the list goes on and on...

In any event, yes, it sucks for Jodi that Bette and Tina have been screwing around but it really was inevitable. Jodi is cool, but she and Bette never had a chance (and I said this from day one). They might have good sexual chemistry but it just doesn’t compare to the sick and demented relationship that Tina and Bette have… or want.

I wonder if they are even going to stay together after all this shit????

Shane and Molly

Last week, Molly invites Shane over to protect her from the blackouts but she had an alterieve motive.. she really just wanted to get Shane in bed. The only issue was that Molly was a lfirst timer and was nervous which made her say a lot of stupid things ( it as cute in a newbie way). After Shane performed the best oral that maolly has ever experienced it was her turn but she wasn't ready to go downtown.
No biggie Shane was more then happy to show her again but right in the middlen the middle of it her mother walks in.
Molly and Phyllis end up in an argument and Molly ends up saying some things about Shane that she didn't mean like: "She’s simple" and "Uneducated". Ouch!

This week, Shane is not talking to Molly because her feelings were hurt. Molly end up following her to the Pink Ride where forces Shane to listen to her. In a silly dramatic speech she proclaims that she really likes Shane and she will work really hard to learn advanced lesbian sex.
Shane falls for her goofy effort and then later that day Molly goes down on her. Go Molly!

Max Beyond Transgender-Dome
Last week, Max goes out on a date with Tom and they end up having sex.I was confused at first… and then not… and then I was again… and then I wasn’t.

This week, I saw them holding hands while walking through the woods. How cute… max has a boyfriend!!! Later Tom had to leave when Jodi found out about Bette and Tina. Nice way to ruin Max's weekend ladies!!!!

Tasha and Alice
Last week there wasn’t too much going on with Tasha and Alice. Tasha was just chillin out getting used to civilian life. I think the most exciting thing that happened was when Tasha sat on Alice's couch to experience what 6 pm felt like. It was riveting... and then Alice ate her out.
This week, Nothing remotely interesting was going on. Oh, tasha wants them to move in together. Wow! again riveting stuff.

I have a few thoughts about what is to come. I think all this cheating talk that happened this past episode has a deeper meaning. I feel that it isn't just supposed to apply to Bette and Tina.
I forsee this becoming an issue with a few of the couples in the group… For some reason I’m thinking Tasha and Alice.I don’t know why, I just feel it.

Only two more episodes left! How is Ilene going to finish the season?
I’ll make my predictions next time!
Till Then, have a wonderful week

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