Lesbian Television in Europe: I'd Do Anything

Granted, in Europe we don't have mega dyke festivities like the The Dinah Shore Weekend or even Olivia cruises but I can tell you that - as a lesbian - nothing beats watching BBC TV Shows on a Saturday night.

A few weeks ago The Lordest of Lords (Andrew Lloyd Webber) and The Gayest Of Gays (Graham Norton) started a new televised quest for a West End leading lady, this time for the part of Nancy in the musical Oliver. And I have to say that I was quite amazed by the hotness of the contestants this time round. As always there are a few generic blondes that need to be voted off first; although things are not really going according to plan because last Saturday the delicious Cleo got sent home (see picture below). Oh well, there's still plenty of other lusciousness to go around:


Rachel, who reminds me of Roisin Connor from Season 4 of Bad Girls and that can only be a good thing.


Niamh, who is so hot it almost hurts my eyes.


Keisha, who will probably go home next week so let's enjoy her while it lasts


Jodie, who is hot because she is so unlike all the other contestants.


Dearly Departed Cleo, who deserved to stay in the competition but as (TV) history has proven: letting viewers vote has never been a good idea, only a lucrative one.


Samantha... in hot pants... no further comment...


Laura said...

What, no Jessie?!


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