Homosexuality Should Be Banned?

This is a great video... a clever way of making a point.

This is why homosexuality should be banned.

Sometimes, the only way to convince someone that his argument is bad, is to make it for him.


Anonymous said...

That is a great video. And yet it will fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. People only believe what they believe. And if you tell someone something they don't believe, what happens...they don't believe it. The argeument put forward in the vidoe are valid. And they point out the sensless linear thinking of homo-haters. Linear thinking is shallow but it feeds the masses who have no ability to think for themselves.

Every time I do something wrong or think omething wrong, I get that twing of conscience in my gut. I pay attention to it and correct it. Some people are just unable to rectify the truth even when it hits them right between the eyes.

I know that some of you will now profess the Bible verses to me. Save it. I attend a Bible study weekly. And just to remind you of what it really says, Love God, Love your neighbor, Love yourself. And it doubts that after that you have any time for vitriolic hatred. You have been given your "talents" from the Master. Use them wisely.

Anonymous said...

loved it!! but didn't you know? the christian right don't have humor, or don't recognize sarcasm. but hell, i thought this idea was over their heads. good job.

gailann said...

"This only does your God ask of you: to love kindly, to seek justice and to walk humbly with your God." It always has seemed to me that the religious right falls down on 3 out of 3.

Oh well, none of us is perfect.

Dubya said...

I loved the cartoon that showed "God doing the Talk Show circuit" in which God proclaims: "I always considered the Sense of Humor one of my greatest creations. Funny that those that claim they know me best don't have one."

Anonymous said...

One thing the video forget to mention is that if homosexuality was to be banned (like it so obviously should) all us gay people would turn straight overnight and immediately enter into permanent, loving straight relationships.
The world would become a better place and those dreadful queens in Queer Eye could go get 'proper' 'real' jobs like being weapons inspectors and finding all the WMDs we know are there.