Lesbian Karaoke Shenanigans

I like lesbians. I like karaoke. I like fun. If you like these things too, than you will like this blog article. It's more of a photo blog than a worded article, but I will start you off with a little personal history before introducing the picture. I am the organizer of a local lesbian social group in LA called madfemmeprideLA. We do lots of fun events like museum trips, beach outings, dinners and yes, even karaoke nights. This Saturday was our second annual lesbian karaoke night, held at the wonderful Backstage Bar in Culver City, CA (home of Sony Studios!) Read on for pure, unadultered drunken debauchery.

So, at about 8pm, 50 or so madfemmeprideLA lesbians met at the Backstage and began to enjoy a few cocktails. When the Karaoke DJ rolled in at 9:30pm, this group of girls were ready to ROCK and ROLL! And these ladies did not disappoint. In my hazy cloud of alcohol-induced euphoria, I photographed the whole event. As the night progressed, I decided to see how many of the girls in my group would take fantastically silly pictures of themselves with me. Here they are in no particular (or sober) order (including some great mic shots as well). Enjoy!

Call me crazy, but I just love me some karaoke.

"Always keep a song in your heart - it's like karaoke for the voices in your head"

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