Packin' Heat

Don't worry, Its not loaded....or is it???

For all you gender-bending-butch out there, listen up! It's time to talk about the wonderful world of PACKING!

Last year for my birthday my gal bought me a packy and a strap. Packy's are offered in different sizes and colors normally flesh tones. They are completely flaccid and include balls to make them seem and feel as realistic as possible. Packing is the term used when someone is wearing one. It's possible that I've been living under a
rock because I had never heard of or seen a packy before my girlfriend one upon me.

"You bought me a flaccid dildo!" I said almost disappointed wondering why she would by me a useless lump on floppy plastic and a strap. I was trying to stay upbeat since it was a gift after all. Obviously I imagined that you would wear the thing, but for what reason? This would not be helpful in the bedroom. What I didn't realize then was...that was exactly the point.

Once I stepped into the elastic strap, pulled it up and put my new cock in the pouch that holds it, I pulled my boxer briefs over it and looked down at my now realistic and quite large. I zipped up my jeans and headed out to the movies with my beautiful girl. I didn't tell her I was wearing it, I was hoping she would find out, and once the lights dimmed in the theater, she felt that i was definitely packin' some heat. From the theater seats, to the booth at dinner and the car ride home my packy got plenty of attention. Once I got home I put him away and swapped him out for his big brother "Randy". Maybe you don't need all the gory details...

The point is Lads, the packy is a fun toy for those who want to play outside of the bedroom as well as inside. Packing is fun for everyone and will turn a lot of girls on in ways you couldn't imagine. Also, packing can be a personal thing just for you, wear it to work- no one has to know. It's a way to express yourself within your own underwear and it doesn't have to be shared unless of course you'd like to share. Sharing is caring! And if you don't want to share...make sure not to tell her about it. Watch her eyes get wide and her mouth drop open when she finds out on her own.

Google search Babeland, The Pleasure Chest or Grand Opening for packy options online.

The more common sex shop like Condom Revolution often have these too, but not as good of a selection. I recommend going to a dyke friendly shop and talking to them about whats right for you.


As flattering as it may seem to get the largest cock possible, having a huge packy flopping around like that in your pants is more of a pain in the ass than you'd think. The medium size packy is perfect for me and I'm 6'2.


Queers United said...

i am so naiive, here i thought you were talking about luggage till i read the rest


That would've came in handy when I was doing drag, instead of using two pairs of rolled up SOCKS, which there is always the threat of them rolling down your pants and on the stage...lol.

When I get into it again, I'll have to remember to order one of those.