9 Types of Oppression on Lesbian Sexuality

Renee was kind enough to pass along this little gem of a blog. Did you know that there are 9 types of "lesbians"? I sure didn't. Guess that degree in sex and gender from UCLA didn't teach me nothin...

Given the terribly base and rather damaging aspects of the content, I've inquired as to the author's motivation with this comment which I've left:


I would really like to know what you had hoped to achieve in voicing these opinions regarding lesbian sexuality? I understand you have a blog to run and content is content. I wonder at what point did you think to put down your neo-second wave flag long enough to consider how damaging it is to women on all ends of a sexuality spectrum to reinforce popular negative conceptions of lesbianism as predictable, performative, and uniform. Your sighting of these nine types of lesbians complete with celebrity examples tells us only that you have seen a few episodes of The L Word and sheds absolutely no light onto the rich theoretical discourse on sex and gender identity.

There are many problematic and off statements in your piece. But as a queer woman with multiple points of intersection across lines of gender, sexuality, I am primarily interested in understanding your motivation in generating content which reinforces such oppressive normative beliefs about female sexuality. I wonder if you notice the privilege you’ve invoked by perpetuating the primacy of heterosexuality as an institution by othering women who act outside of its constructs?


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Renee "Lesberita" Gannon said...

You really hit this one out of the ballpark