Is Tila Tequila Bumpin' Uglies with Courtney Semel?

Well, it looks like Tila Tequila is onto her 174th shot at love. This time, it's with Courtenay Semel, a socialite and former Lindsay Lohan friend. The two women were spotted romping together at Thursday’s EA Sports/Xbox 360 premiere of Madden NFL '09 in Los Angeles. What the two women were doing at a video game premier isn't unclear, but my guess is that they got lost on the way to The Ivy and ended up there instead.

“I’d seen the show [A Shot at Love] and just needed to meet her ... and it just happened,” Semel told People magazine of Tequila.

When I saw the show, I felt the same way! I just wanted to meet Tila Tequila; her ass and the end of my foot to be precise.

Tequila told People she “didn’t want to jinx anything” about their relationship, but said she was very happy.

The “best friends” told People magazine they enjoy watching movies in bed, sharing clothes and makeup and steering clear of drama. That just might be the funniest thing I've heard all day.

“There are no games,” Tequila told People. “It’s true what they say about lesbians — you meet and then the next day you move in together, because I can’t get rid of her. She pretty much lives at my house.”

But Tila, I thought you were "a bisexual"?


Jul said...

I'm with you...Tila isn't a lesbian...her orientation seems closer to "media whore."

Paula the Surf Mom said...

What happen to Bo or whoever?

Renee Gannon (aka Lesberita) said...

I think there are a few celebrities who's sexual orientation is "media whore" but she is certainly the leader of the pack.

Tina-cious.com said...

LOL @ "thought you were a bisexual".

I'm sure Tila will find a way to make a new show out of U-Haul lesbians....

Queers United said...

did tila get new implants? that picture has her with huge bizzonkers

Renee "Lesberita" Gannon said...

"bizzonkers" omg, that's totally the word of the day.

Queers United said...


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