Happy 50th Joan Jett!

Joan Marie Larkin was born 50 years ago today! Joan's parents gave her a guitar for Christmas when she was 13 and by 15 years old, she started The Runaways, one of the first all girl teenage rock bands. The Runaways also featured Lita Ford who went on to enjoy her own success in hard rock in the 80's.

Besides rockin' for the last 37 years, Joan has also been involved in many charities including animal rescue, GLBT issues and a fund to help find the rapist/murder of Gits lead singer, Mia Zapata. Joan has also been very involved with the USO and entertaining troops before entertaining troops was cool.

The ladies at Lesbiatopia, especially ME, would like to salute a beautiful, rockin' grrl on her 50th birthday. Hope it's fantastic!


Paula Brooks said...

Happy Birthday Joan... rock on

Sei said...

She's fifty?!

Happy Birthday!

(honestly, she's fifty?!)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Joan. Philly born and honored. Bought the Runaways album at 17, saw her in '84 and 2002. And again in 2006. She can still rock.

One of my favorite performances with Bruce Springsteen.

Anonymous said...


mixed said...

To be sung at a pace somewhere between E-or from Winnie the Pooh (with Tigger saying "but")and an Elvis ballad.

Happy birthday, ugh, happy birthday, ugh, all the world's in dark despair, people dying everywhere. But! Happy birthday, ugh, happy birthday ugh, may the cities in your wake, burn like candles on your cake. But! Happy birthday, ugh, happy birthday, ugh, I like children yes I do, baked or boiled in a stew. But! Happy birthday, ugh, happy birthday, ugh, I a leper can't you see, get your birthday hug from me. But! happy birthday, ugh, happy birthday, ugh!

(author unknown, but learned at the Renaissance Festival in Minnesota in the early 1980's)

Thanks for the Rock N Roll Joan.

JaneKrahe said...

Happy Birthday Joan!

Don't give a damn about your reputations!

FrankieM said...

Joan, you're a Sinner but you're still my Fetish. Love ya, you just get better with the years.