Sassy & Splashy: No on Prop 8 Attire

Julie Phineas had a great idea about getting out in our community to put a face on what we will be voting for in the upcoming California election regarding Prop 8 – the Anti Gay Marriage Amendment.

Here’s a way to put an even splashier face on things as you step out into your communities every weekend between now and November:To see the entire No on Prop 8 product line, visit HRC.


Jul said...

Awesome shirt...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the outcome.

Who cares so much about shutting other people out that they form a political movement around it? Oh , yeah, people who are very sexually frustrated.

Chino Blanco said...

Ron Prentice Gets Rich Fighting Gay Marriage

Ron Prentice is CEO of the California Family Council and Chairman of ProtectMarriage.com, the committee behind Prop 8 (the folks working to ban gay marriage in California).

Ron is set to be be honored at the Values Voter Summit 2008 (September 12-14) with Focus on the Family Action's Family Champion Award.

Justin McLachlan has broken a major story in the Proposition 8 battle: California Family Council contributions have mostly been spent on the generous salaries that Ron pays himself and his staff.

So far, there’ve been about a dozen news and blog pieces that have appeared online referencing Justin’s research into Ron Prentice and his shady management of donor funds.

Folks volunteering for and making contributions to the “Yes on 8″ campaign should be aware that the operatives running the show have a track record of using contributions to generously reward themselves.


Hahn at Home said...

Phew, good thing they don't read us! Heh.

Paula Brooks said...

Hell... this could be a good thing.... maybe Prentice will be out partying and miss the election.

~Julie Phineas~ said...

I wanted to let you know that 25% of each purchase goes towards the TV ad campaigns for No on 8 to run sooner that expected so everyone please pick up some of this merchandise. There are also yard signs, coffee mugs, and other passive ways to get visible for the Vote No on 8 campaign. Thanks Lori!