Richard Peterson Doesn't Scare Me - NO on Prop 8

I had a comment from JC on my blog this morning about where we can write concerning the Right Wing’s latest advertising assault for their attempt at continued discriminating through its Prop 8 here in California. You remember, that same Prop that would take away our right to marry legally. As a NO on Prop 8 proponent, I’m here to tell you, they are pulling out all the scare tactics they have because they can’t base anything on actual facts. Check it out at Pam’s House Blend.

You can write to Professor Peterson, and I highly recommend you do, here: Richard.Peterson@pepperdine.edu Tell him that fair-minded people, opposed to the tyranny of fundamentalism and scare tactics. are not going to buy into his baseless assertions.

Hahn at Home


Renee Gannon said...

I work less than a mile from Pepperdine University (Malibu campus), I should march my gay little ass up there today and give that man an earful!

Anonymous said...

Forget about writing to Peterson! Write to the deans.

Let them know you think he's bringing down the rep of the school.

David said...

Hey, I'm Richard Peterson's son. First of all, writing to my father or the dean's won't help you. My father is an incredibly firm man and wont be shaken by threats and the deans are behind him (he had the University's permission before doing the commercial AS A FAVOR to another professor). Second, I don't want to sound adversarial and I know my father doesn't either. But I cannot believe the kinds of horrible, even violent emails he's been receiving. I don't understand why people have to threaten him for standing up for what he believes in! This is America right? And aren't you fighting for what you believe in? Every time I hear about this debate it seems that the "no on prop 8" people are in favor of free speech so long as it isn't against what they want. What's the deal here?

Now, I expect in any response to this I'm sure to hear about how you think the "Yes On Prop 8" people are morally incorrect and all the reasons why but writing about that in response to my comment would be dodging the issue. Let me make myself clear, the issue here is that those in favor of changing marriage appear to favor free speech only when it doesn't contradict their views and that they typically respond with violent and threatening communications to those who stand up for what they believe in. Responding to me about anything else would prove the shaky foundation of those who do so. So, if you have something constructive to say, don't bother with the deans, it won't work. Send me an email if you'd like. My email is 2ears1boca@gmail.com. Take care.

Julia said...

From julia.wells2007@gmail.com
To 2ears1boca@gmail.com
Date Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 11:19 AM
Subject No on Prop 8

Hi David,

I support your dad's right to participate in a discriminatory commercial. Now please support my right to tell you I think he's a total douche for his public actions against the gay community. Don't care what his private beliefs are; as soon as he got on the TV, they weren't private anymore. Free speech is free speech is free speech; he's a douche. Now I support your right to call me a dyke for thinking so.


Kate said...

David, spare us please. You just don't want people to contact the school because your dad is probably about to get his bigoted self fired. Ha! That motivates me to shoot off an email to them right now. Dear Pepperdine, your teacher looks like a sleazy mattress salesman. David, someone needs to give you that memo on free speech or something because obviously your dad didn't do such a hot job. Which is surprising considering he's a professor. Free speech means your dad can be in a commercial where he lies and tries to defeat marriage equity but free speech ALSO means we can tell his bosses that he's a tool. Goes both ways. He can exercise his free speech all day long to be some fundie kook who thinks if gay marriage is legal his marriage is weaker because his wife is going to run off and marry Jodie Foster and I can exercise my free speech to tell the world that your dad is a tool. Don't you love this country?

Hahn at Home said...

David, David, David...I can only be responsible for my own actions and the email I wrote your father was not threatening. It was questioning. That he used his position to engender fear in other so-called Christians based on flimsy rhetoric was pretty astounding to me, so I asked why...and asked him to my house to see what he's so virulently against - MY family.

Anonymous said...

David you are absolutely right! It seems so absurd to me that free speech is limited by which side of the argument you agree with. You and your father are honorable for being unshakable in the midst of such attacks. I fully support every individual's civil rights, regardless of whether you are gay or straight. My sister is a lesbian and I love her unconditionally. However, I do not want my church or school to threaten my parental rights or religious freedoms just because the law says so. I am not against anyone. I am only trying to protect my rights! You can say that this fear is unsupported. But it is supported by countless stories of people in Massachusetts who have lost their parental rights within the schools. I WILL vote yes on prop 8!

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

Hey anonymous, I suppose you think that laws should not legislate your religious freedom to own slaves, too; I mean, the Bible says you can do it, so that should be good enough for everybody, right? The Bible also says I can kill my children if they curse at me, but pesky courts will obstruct my religious freedoms if I try to murder the little shithead like God wants me to; damn you, activist judges!!

Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ, would you please evolve already? Religious freedoms have nothing to do with this argument because church and state are separate. If you don't like that, please move to Saudi Arabia where church and state are one and the same, then tell me how much better than America you think it is.

kate said...

Anonymous - do you realize your argument has holes big enough for me to drive a truck through? No parent in MA or anywhere has lost any rights. In fact, if the schools are too liberal for your taste, put your kid in private school or home school them.

Legalizing gay marriage isn't infringing on your rights or your freedoms. You can worship whatever and however you want.

You folks are like big, walking egos. Heaven forbid someone somewhere get married, because it effects the sanctity of your own marriage? That is really the argument you're making? Funny, gay marriage has been legal in all different parts of the world for a while now, and I, who am straight, manage to stay married. I'm also still very much in control of my kids' lives and upbringing and very involved in their school. Funny how that works. I guess my marriage is just stronger than yours and I'm a better parent. Maybe you should take some tips from a liberal like me on how to preserve the sanctity of your marriage and your ability to be a parent since both seem so precarious.

Hahn at Home said...

I find it interesting that though Richard Peterson can get up there on the big old TV and proudly proclaim that if Prop 8 doesn't pass, we are going to hell in a handbasket, he offers no facts to support his assertion. And, his son has to defend him, but again, provides no facts to support the argument his father is purportedly so proud of sending.

What California law is clear about is that there can be NO discrimination based on sexual orientation. It's pretty simple - and clear - and fair-minded.

All of this other stuff is just a big old blow from the fog machine to obscure the simple facts, the law, and what is the non-discriminatory and equal thing to do - which is Vote NO on Prop 8.

kate said...

Looks like Daddy Dearest has a new commerical out.

Pepperdine needs to put a stop to their name being used like that.

Hahn at Home said...

Pepperdine is a Christian university - so it's not likely -we just need to counter his untruths with facts and remind everyone we meet that the fair-minded thing is not denying rights to one select group of adults.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Dick. Can I call you Dick? You're a cartoon now.