Will the Real Sarah Palin Please Stand Up?

Sarah Palin visits SNL


fourth wave said...

Did this not bother you a wee bit? The disparaging tone of Alec Baldwin, the cold reception by Fey and Poehler? I don't like her either, but I wasn't completely comfortable with the to-her-face insults. But perhaps that's hypocritical...anything the SNL folks might say on the show they should be willing to say to her face, right?

Ma'amselle Lezident said...

I don't care what they say to her. Where did we get this idea that politicians are so sensitive or sacred that no one can say shit to their faces? They're not gods; they're thieving winners of the ugly kid popularity contest. (If they were better-looking, they'd be in Hollywood with all the other pretty kids competing for popular affection.) This is a woman who likes to shoot moose for fun; I think her big girl panties are strong enough to withstand shit the mainstream media should have been saying to her all along but have neither the ballz nor the access.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin may be a religious fool, but she's not without her relative merits. She is the only one of the four mainstream candidates that understands and supports jury rights, for instance. See: http://www.fija.org (The Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate and the Constitution Party Candidate, Chuck Baldwin also does).

Joe Biden is congress's worst drug warrior, and Obama has stated he supports the construction of a new DEA HQ in New Orleans ("revitalizing" the New Orleans economy with slavery and persecution, paid for by freshly-printed fiat currency). McCain is also a terrible drug warrior, and also fairly worthless in any other area of individual rights.

Palin supports a reduction in the power of the Federal government, which would allow states like MA to honor gay marriage more completely (Perhaps forcing the issuance of passports to gay couples, by reducing federal investigation powers to state requests). All of the choices are bad this year. The only decent choice is voting Libertarian (for Wayne Root, the LP VP candidate who carried the California nomination at the LP Convention in Denver), so that Libertarians have major party ballot access in 2012. http://www.rootforamerica.com (The Libertarian top of ticket is Bob Barr, who is historically a worthless asshole, who nonetheless reversed his support of his own DOMA at the Libertarian Convention in Denver, last may. Whether you trust him is up to you, I personally do not -especially because he was opposing jury rights as late as 2007.)

If you're mainstream, the advantages in supporting Palin as the candidate that least believes in authoritarianism might be best, although she is a self-contradicting religious philosophical simpleton. If you're not mainstream, then Vote proudly for the Libertarian, Nader, or Green, knowing that you voted against the US system of injustice in any of several ways.

If you want less government in your life, vote libertarian, and it is likely that the LP will have learned its lesson and nominated Root in 2012. (Bob Barr will not win at our convention again, unless the LP truly is dead.)

If you vote D or R you are voting for "The Creature From Jekyll Island" (the Federal Reserve System). If you do so, then you must be a fool or uninformed. I recommend reading "The Creature From Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin, so you can understand how you are enlaved to the socialist bankers, and work to extricate yourself from their power (you can convert your currency to silver and gold, and now is the best time to do so.)

-The Freedom Jury