Iowa Supreme Court to Hear Varnum v. Brien

On the marriage front, tomorrow (12/9) the Iowa Supreme Court will hear the Varnum v. Brien case at 8 am Pacific/10 am Central. The oral arguments will be live streamed through various media outlets that can be found at Iowa Courts.

The six couples grouped under Varnum, who have been together from seven to 18 years, filed suit in the Iowa courts in 2005 asking for full marriage rights. Represented by Lambda Legal, they have been battling ever since. Twenty-six Iowa legislators represented by an anti-gay organization filed to intervene as defendants in 2006. You may remember that at one point in 2007, a Polk County judge ruled that there was no compelling reason to deny gay marriage. A stay was quickly issued and now, over a year later, the oral arguments will be heard.

Iowa is a state made up of equal parts red and blue. Socially, the urban areas and university towns bleed blue and the rural areas tend to be a more crimson hue.
But, this is a point of law, not a popular election. As an Iowa-raised queer who has lived all over, I not-so-secretly hope that Iowans, known for the independent streak and common sense, also have a judiciary with equal sense and this matter is resolved in favor of the Varnum couples.

Then, I can start worrying about those nuts who will immediately start yet another drive for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in Iowa.

One thing at a time.

© Photo Courtesy of Lambda Legal


Queers United said...

im hopeful, but im also realistic. this is freakin iowa people.

Hahn at Home said...

Iowans have successfully fought off several attempts to both legislate and amend on this issue. Don't say that about Iowa - their record is pretty well split historically on all issues.

Sinnerviewer said...

The law is soundly on our side. Like you said Lori, one thing at a time.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I put Iowa as #16 most likely to get marriage equality by 2016.

In case you're interested, the post is from 11/21 and is called "You know what else is so gay? Simple math."

Cute family!