Lesbian Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Santa wants to know… have you been naughty or nice this year?

Either way, the holidays are just around the corner and with the economy in shambles, gifting has become a creative endeavor of thriftiness. If looking for some frugal but imaginative gift ideas for the fabulous lesbian in your life than you’ve come to the right place. Whether the gifts are for your bff, your partner, your “roommate” or that cutie you’ve been flirting with from Craigslist, I’ve come up with some great Sappho-friendly gift ideas that won’t leave your bank account with a case of the holiday blues.

1. Make your own personalized lesbian calendar courtesy of CafePress.com.
What gift could be more thoughtful than a calendar filled with special moments? Imagine creating your own very own custom calendar chock full of your favorite photography, own graphic-inspired artwork or any other sentimental images you can think of. Just sign-up (for free), open your own shop and check out their helpful tutorials. When you’re done with your creation, you just buy your custom-made calendar from your new shop… at cost!

2. Homemade Jewerly

I know what you’re thinking, you’re not a jeweler. Well, neither am I. That doesn’t mean you can’t make chic and funky bracelets and necklaces for that special someone on your holiday list. You can easily stock-up on affordable beads and crystals at any craft store for a fraction of the cost of getting one pre-made. Feeling extra gay? Go for the assorted rainbow colors and show your true holiday pride. For some great how-to videos on jewelry making and other ideas, go here.

3. Rescue a cat or dog
The way to any lesbians heart is through her… pets. If that special someone has room in their home for one more kitty or puppy, you might want to consider adopting a shelter animal. What is more adorable than a sweet little kitten wrapped in a red and green bow under the Christmas tree? Well, maybe two kittens wrapped in bows but let’s not push our luck here. For a small fee, you can give an animal a second chance at life and give a really thoughtful gift, too. Visit your local shelter for details.

4. Hanukkah, Lesbian-Style

There are 8 days in Hanukkah and 4 discs in the L Word Season 5 DVD set. Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Give an entire season of L Word deliciousness spread out over 8 days by giving one DVD from the set every other day until the holiday is over. Enjoy those latkes and dreidel games with some L word love thrown into the mix.

Other cool lesbian gifts that won’t break the bank
Tuxedo T-Shirts and Accessories
2009 Women Artists Datebook
HRC Partner Pendant
G-Spot Explorer Kit
Subscription to Curve Magazine
My Girlfriend’s Hotter Than Yours apparel
Name a star after her!
Send her a message in a bottle


Anonymous said...

Adorable post. I like it!

Anonymous said...

As someone who has worked with animal rescue shelters I would strongly advise NOT to get a pet for someone for christmas.... sadly it seems like a fantastic idea but often the pet ends up in our care for many different reasons - such as inability to properly afford care for a gift pet, compatibility issues (allergies, or pet needs more attention and care than one can provide) etc.

Instead I would like to say - gift them with a pet "coupon" something where they can take the time to think about what pet might suit them best, and then getting to choose one that suits their personality, financial situation and lifestyle :)

Jul said...

I love this! After reading these awesome suggestions, I thought about making the calender...then I wondered if they would really be okay with the images I would send them...then I wondered if the images would then get out of the web...then I stopped.

Now, I might take the calender-making into my own hands and give it a go.

However, I bought my gf a trip for her birthday...so if I just get her this calender, although it may be hot, I'll be screwed - and not in a good way.

great post.

marie said...

Great Blog, I read is most everyday. But, I sure do wish you would put my lesbian novel on your christmas gift ideas list. It won't break the bank -- I think it is ten bucks? It's called Hey Diddle Diddle -- for lesbians and other grownups -- it can be found at my pulsihers web site -- www.motesbooks.com -- Anyway, keep writing -- I'll keep reading ( and if I can say, you make a much cuter Palin).

marie said...

oh -- one more thing -- ignore my spelling -- I'm typing toooo fats -- err.. I mean too fast.

sue said...

Fab list x Wonder if the links work from uk? :)