Got Glasses?

- Style Grrl

Have you seen the January cover of Vanity Fair magazine? Hot! Tina Fey is definitely one of my favorite lesbians. Oh wait, she not a lesbian?! So, why do us grrls love her so much, beside the obvious reasons? Well, I will tell you what first peaked my interest and sent my gaydar soaring. She's got the "gay glasses". You know which ones I mean. Eight years ago when I was coming out, these black plastic frame glasses were the sure fire way to pick out my "teammates" in the crowd. I even ditched my contacts and got a pair. I thought it would make me less attractive to men (cause ya know girls in glasses are never sexy..wink, wink) and help send out the bat signal to all the single ladies.

Well, the "gay glasses" are no longer just for us. Lots of straight celebrities like our girl Tina have been sporting the specs. The secret codes and stereotypes no longer stand. Without these codes,I think my gaydar is still good, almost too good (I think everyone is gay). But, some of my old tricks of the trade just don't work anymore. So what is a girl supposed to do? How are we supposed to tell if that cute librarian looking woman in the cubicle down the hall is on our team? I guess we're going to have to do something that we hate to do. We're actually going to have to walk up and talk to her! And yes, come out and ask her out!

I guess if that's too bold for you or you're married/partnered like me, then you can do what I'm doing...shopping for a new pair of hot designer glasses. I'm irked but also flattered by the fact the straight world wants to copy us. Regardless, I feel the need to start a new trend that makes the glasses cool and oh so lesbo again. The key is color. My favorite happens to be blue. A couple specs I'm considering:
Christian Dior
Vivienne Westwood

Check out alldesignerglasses.com for more ideas.


Heather T said...
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Heather said...

Fun post! I Love the glasses. I Love Tina Fey. We definitely need a new bat signal!

Julie said...

Funny...now that I think about it the gay girls I know all have the 'gay glasses'...feel left out now!

Renee Gannon said...

I got the gay glasses. c'mon Julie, get with the program!


I LOVE girls with glasses. I think that's hot.

Becky C. said...

When I was in high school we used to go to this clothing optional beach on Puget Sound near Evergreen College just outside Olympia, WA.

One reason I always wanted to go is that usually there was this very librarainish girl, never wearing a stitch over a body to die for and an all over tropical tan--who was always alone, always reading a book through her Tina Fey glasses. Just looking at her truly (not figuratively) made me cream. Many times I had to jump in the water and take a swim--inorder to maintain my sanity.

Without going further into a true confessions story--will just say I had to go out and get a pair of fake glasses--:)


Anonymous said...

This post is so relevent to my current situation. Maybe someone can help me!

There is this totally cute girl works for the college i work for. i work with her on a few things here and there.

anyway she wears the glasses...she's got that artsy style... she is super nice.. blah blah.. but i can't tell if she is part of our gang or not.

oh, and i did work with another lez ( who was married)and her and the girl were chummy.

i have the worst gay-dar on the planet. you have to be like 150% lez for me to get the vibe.

what do you think?
I need help. the curiosity will soon become an obsession and i don't have the time right now.