Lesbians Love Them Some P!nk

Singer Pink is top of the pops when it comes to lesbian love, with nearly half (46%) of British lesbians naming her ‘most lesbilicious straight celebrity’, according to a major gay poll released today. And while Pink claims to be straight, her lesbian fanbase think otherwise – a third (31%) think the recently-divorced singer will come out of the closet in 2009.

But although Pink may be popular with lesbians, the undisputed lesbilicious queen remains Ellen Degeneres. The talk show host was named 'LGBT hero of 2008' and 'most lesbilicious lesbian/bisexual celebrity'. In addition, Ellen and Portia were crowned 'cutest celebrity couple'.

Hundreds of lesbian and bisexual women took part in the poll, which was conducted by lesbian news website Lesbilicious.co.uk.

The most lesbilicious straight celebrity after Pink is Juno star Ellen Page, say British lesbians. 20% of lesbians think that Ellen Page is too cute a tomboy to resist - and no doubt it helps that Page will be playing a lesbian police officer in a new movie being filmed later this year. Third most lesbilicious straight celeb is Sarah Palin impersonator and comedienne Tina Fey with 13% of votes, and then Kylie and Madonna come in joint fifth with 4% each. Katy Perry might have kissed a girl and liked it, but the feeling isn’t mutual – only 3% of lesbians think she’s lesbilicious.

When it comes to genuinely lesbian/bisexual celebs, Ellen Degeneres came out top with 24% of the vote, hotly followed by Angelina Jolie (20%) and Leisha Hailey with (19%). Leisha Hailey is the only openly gay woman to star in sexy lesbian series The L Word. After years of speculation about her sexuality, Jodie Foster's public acknowledgment of her female partner has shot up her popularity with lesbians, helping her to the fourth spot with 18% of the vote. Lindsay Lohan's openness about her lesbian relationship with DJ Sam Ronson has also boosted her popularity in the lesbian community, winning her 10% of votes. Coming in sixth with 8% was long-time favourite, openly bisexual Drew Barrymore.

Pink might be pretty lesbilicious, but there is a secretly gay celebrity even more likely to come out in 2009, according to British lesbians - Michelle Rodriguez, the sexy star of The Fast and the Furious and TV series Lost. 34% of lesbians say that Rodriguez sets off their gaydar, but Rodriguez has always denied the rumours about her sexuality - even when bisexual Terminator 3 actress Kristanna Loken hinted in 2007 that she and Rodriguez had had a relationship. After Michelle Rodriguez and Pink, 23% of lesbians believe that the lesbian rumours about hiphop star and Chicago actress Queen Latifah are true, and 9% believe that singer Ricky Martin might be the one to come clean about his sexuality this year.

The honour of being named the 'most lesbilicious lesbian/bisexual musician' went to Canadian singer-songwriters twins Tegan and Sara. The gorgeous, openly-lesbian musicians won 29% of votes, ahead of Leisha Hailey (23%) - who is not only an actress but half of music duo Uh Huh Her - and old-timer kd lang (14%). Bisexual folk star Ani DiFranco came in fourth with 13% of the vote, perhaps due in part to her recent marriage to a man. Beth Ditto and Tracy Chapman came in fifth and sixth, with 10% and 6% of the vote respectively.

Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia Di Rossi were named ‘cutest celebrity couple’ by nearly half (48%) of Lesbilicious.co.uk readers, but a third (35%) thought the title should go to Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson instead. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got 8% of the vote, ahead of Katie Price and Peter Andre (3%). David and Victoria Beckham received just 1% of the vote.

And it seems that not even lesbians are immune to the charms of President-elect of the USA Barack Obama – 40% of lesbians voted Obama ‘most Lesbilicious man’, ahead of hunks Jonny Depp (31%), Brad Pitt (9%), David Beckham (7%) or Orlando Bloom (4%).

In addition, 10% of lesbians voted Obama the LGBT hero of 2008, just behind Rachel Maddow (11%) and Ellen Degeneres (23%).

In contrast, 17% of lesbians thought that the ‘LGBT villain’ of 2008 was The Pope / the religious right. 16% thought it was Republican Vice-President candidate Sarah Palin, and George W Bush and anti-gay voters in California came in joint third with 10% each.

Lesbilicious.co.uk spokesperson Rosie Kirk comments:

"Ellen Degeneres is a legend. She was one of the first openly gay celebrities, and recently she's won hearts by using her talk show to raise awareness of gay issues. She truly deserves the title 'LGBT hero'.

“As for Pink - she's got the hair, the tattoos and most importantly the attitude – no wonder lesbians love her! Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before she realises how much more fun girls are and comes over to the dyke side."


Most lesbilicious straight celebrity
Pink: 46%
Ellen Page: 20%
Tina Fey: 13%
Kylie: 4%
Madonna: 4%
Katy Perry: 3%
Keira Knightley: 2%
other: 8%

Most lesbilicious lesbian/bisexual celebrity
Ellen Degeneres: 24%
Angelina Jolie: 20%
Leisha Hailey: 19%
Jodie Foster: 18%
Lindsay Lohan: 10%
Drew Barrymore: 8%
other: 2%

Most likely to come out in 2009
Michelle Rodriguez: 34%
Pink: 31%
Queen Latifah: 23%
Ricky Martin: 9%
other: 3%

Cutest celebrity couple
Ellen Degeneres and Portia di Rossi: 48%
Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson: 35%
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: 8%
Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels: 5%
Katie Price and Peter Andre: 3%
Victoria and David Beckham: 1%

Most lesbilicious man
Barack Obama: 40%
Jonny Depp: 31%
Brad Pitt: 9%
David Beckham: 7%
Orlando Bloom: 4%
other: 9%

Most lesbilicious lesbian/bisexual musician
Tegan and Sara: 29%
Leisha Hailey: 23%
kd lang: 14%
Ani DiFranco: 13%
Beth Ditto: 10%
Tracy Chapman: 6%
other: 5%

Most lesbilicious UK sportswoman
Kelly Smith: 31%
Kelly Holmes: 29%
Rebecca Adlington: 18%
Shanaze Reade: 15%
Nicole Cooke: 4:
other: 3%

Most lesbilicious UK lesbian/bisexual comedian
Sue Perkins: 32%
Rhona Cameron: 25%
Zoe Lyons: 17%
Clare Summerskill: 12%
Sandi Toksvig: 10%
Jen Brister: 3%
Other: 1%

Lesbian anthem of 2008
Pink – So What: 39%
Katy Perry – I Kissed a Girl: 33%
Alphabeat - Fascination: 10%
Britney - Womanizer: 9%
Katy Perry – Hot n Cold: 5%
Saturdays - Up: 2%
other: 2%

Most significant LGBT political event in 2008
USA elects Barack Obama for President: 31%
California bans same-sex marriage (November): 28%
UK passes Human Fertilisation & Embryology Bill: 16%
California allows same-sex marriage (May): 13%
Australia passes Same-Sex Relationships Bill: 12%

LGBT hero of 2008
Ellen Degeneres: 23%
Rachel Maddow: 10%
Barack Obama: 10%
Wanda Sykes: 7%
Pink: 5%
Melissa Etheridge: 3%
Lindsay Lohan: 3%
kd lang: 3%
Katy Perry: 3%
other: 33%

LGBT villain of 2008
The Pope / religious right: 17%
Sarah Palin: 16%
George Bush: 10%
California voters: 10%
Iris Robinson: 6%
Julie Bindle: 5%
Lindsay Lohan: 5%
Katy Perry: 3%
Sam Ronson: 3%
other: 25%


Queers United said...

I love Pink, she is such a strong woman and a true ally for queer equality.

Sinnerviewer said...

This lesbian loves her some P!nk - I even did my own blog post on her:


Very nice, Renee.


Becky C. said...

Oh yes--pink, pink pink!!!!

Off topic, wanted to remind everyone that Saturday is DOMA Protest Day with events and activities scheduled around the nation to spur our new president tto keep true to his lukewarm campaign promise and do the one single thing that the president of the United States can actually do for gays and lesbians--make it a priority for Congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act--which actually codifies discrimination in the Federal Code.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, ONLY "23% of lesbians believe that the lesbian rumours about hiphop star and Chicago actress Queen Latifah are true"?

So, ergo, 77% of us aren't sure if she's a lesbian! Sounds like time for a national gaydar tune-up. ;)

Anonymous said...

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