The Word on the L Word Season 6

- Kelly Lynch

Jenny Shecter is dead, well, that is what they’re making us believe. The L Word begins its last season with what seems to be murder mystery, how delicious. This could prove to be the best season yet because a little mystery gets every girl excited.

Before we get into the re-cap there are a few things to discuss or thoughts to be shared. If Jenny is dead then the question IS who, if anyone killed Jenny Shecter? Jenny might have just slipped, hit her head on the side of the pool and drowned, but what kind of fun would that be. AND Lucy Lawless just doesn’t come out of the wood work for a case of accidental death (because she is Xena Warrior Princess and totally fucking awesome). So, it MIGHT be safe to say that she is dead. If she is dead then who killed her and why?

Here are a few thoughts:

As we all know, over the last few seasons Jenny has been making more enemies than friends, even her “friends” are her enemies. Yes, Miss Shecter has a Jedi like skill for pissing people off, therefore the possibilities of a potential killer are endless.

Scenario 1

One could propose that Jenny got a visit from someone long ago. Would it be so weird if Tim came back? Maybe he heard about Jenny’s Dyke-sized success and decided that she wasn’t going to make money by exploiting his pain and suffering, So he goes a little bonkers, travels back to LA , snuffs her out...and I don’t know, frames someone else. Is that really such a stretch? It is the L Word ya’ know. But then again, Tim has a full time gig on Ugly Betty and maybe couldn’t make time for a guest star appearance. So he might be out, but there are others like, Marina and the vagina wig Stacy Merkin, it would be safe to say that they both might have motives to 86 the Shecter.

Scenario 2

Well, maybe it isn’t a blast from the past. What if Jenny really isn’t dead at all? What if we’re just watching a story that she concocted in her head? She is a bit self loathing and narcissistic, it wouldn’t be beyond her character to write a story about her own death or murder. Sarah Schuster died, right. We might see Jenny sitting behind her laptop typing away at the end of the last episode as the words “The End” pop across the screen. That would be interesting. Actually, it would be cool if the whole series was a figment of her imagination. Kind of like what happened in the last episode of Roseanne. Hmmmm.

Scenario 3

Maybe Jenny really is dead and she slipped, hit her head and fell in the pool, but one of the main characters gets wrongly accused of her murder and end up in the slammer. If that happens, a lot of us are going to have to go to therapy for L Word closure. Please don’t let that happen.

Scenario 4

But most likely the unthinkable has happened and one of our West Hollywood beauties has really slain Jenny. Right now I can’t see why any of them would actually want to kill Jenny, maybe slap her around a little, but not kill.

In any event we are going to have to witness some serious shit unfold over these next seven episodes for a murder to be plausible.

And if its anything like this first episode we are really going to have to dig deep and bear down.

Now for the recap

After we discover Jenny is dead, we get transported back in time to three months prior to Jenny’s death.

We begin with a glimpse of last season’s final episode, where Jenny catches Shane performing a little oral on Nikki and Tina gets all bent out of shape because they want to change the ending of Lez Girls. The following events are what seems to be the next 8-12 hours in the life of lesbians, dun dun dun…


Jenny is seriously hurt that her best bud Shane would have the audacity to try and fuck her girlfriend. When Shane and Nikki try to explain/apologize she kicks both of them out of her house. Shane spends the rest of the night feeling bad and trying to find a place to crash. You might have thought to yourself, why didn’t Shane just get a hotel? Well, she couldn’t because there had to be a way for Shane to end up at Kit’s house so she could be delivered the words of wisdom that will hopefully resolve the conflict between her and Jenny, which where, “fight for her”.

While Shane is up to her ears elbows in disapproving looks from friends, Jenny begins her revenge. First, Molly stops by the house to tell Shane that she loves her, but Jenny drives her away by half making up some shit about Nikki and Shane hooking up at the Pink Ride. Molly is hurt and leaves a jacket and letter for Shane which Jenny reads and then hides in her attic. Then, she calls Nikki over, fucks her, and then tells her she a “….”

Those two incidents alone could warrant a motive to kill.


Bette and Tina seem to be really doing well. Despite a stressful night of work related let downs, their daughters trip to the ER (wasn’t the sound of that kid wheezing just a little freaky?) and Tina’s disgust at Bette’s obvious leniency on Shane’s incapacity to be faithful, even to her friends, they seem to be going strong. Things are going so well that Bette makes a promise to Tina that she will never cheat on her again. Isn’t that just wonderful!

I hope it doesn’t come back and bite Bette in the ass… or her vagina.

Thinking is cheating

Speaking of cheating, I guess Alice was supposed to break up with Tasha because she met some lady last season that she could talk to. So, they got into a fight because they have nothing in common, then Tasha storms out and Alice follows her to Papi’s house ( I know, where the hell did she come from!) who just happens to be fucking Alice’s ex- Gabby. Gabby insults Alice, Tasha sticks up for her; they have a beer, go home and laugh.

You know what they have in common… being stupid.

Helena + Kit = Hit

Partners in crime Helena and Kit chill at their new club where Helena is the part-time bouncer (meow… I love chicks that are femme on the outside and butch on the inside- it’s super hot) and Kit renames the club, The Hit Club by putting their names together. I think they should have named it Helkat (yes, there is no “A” in Kit but, whatever, it’s a really cool name).


He IM’d Alice on the computer while she was fighting with Tasha.

This is just the beginning. It seems that the ladies in West Hollywood have put the kindling in the fire and we just get to sit back and watch it all heat up. I know you can’t wait.

Till next week.


Trop said...

This show is a total waste of time. Can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

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