The Cliks Get Dirty


A Cliks Haiku
The Cliks rock my face
Their new song is so kick ass
Can't stop listening
The Cliks are one of my faves. I love their music. I love their social consciousness. I love their work ethic. I love them as people. I met my grrl on their MySpace fan page. When I heard that they had a new single out, I had to give my beating heart instructions to be still.
I followed THIS LINK to the player and got to hear an incredibly melodic, sexy, rockin' song that has me positively pregnant with anticipation for their new cd Dirty King to be released on June 23. Not only that, but the first single, also titled "Dirty King" will be available on iTunes on April 14th.
If you think you remember hearing about The Cliks before, you did! We ran THIS INTERVIEW with drummer Morgan Doctor last May while they were beginning the True Colors Tour with Cyndi Lauper. You can catch The Cliks preview new material next month:

4/4: Palm Springs (Girlbar)

4/9: Chicago (Subterranean)

4/10: Detroit (Magic Stick)

4/11: Columbus CD101 Radio Show

4/13: New York, NY (Mercury Lounge)

4/14: Cambridge: (T.T. the Bear's)

4/15: Northampton (Iron Horse Music Hall)

4/16: Albany (Valentine's)

4/19: Phoenix (Phoenix Pride)


Look for Dirty King out on Tommy Boy on June 23!


Sweet Melissa said...

This band is fantastic. Love the song!

barbara said...

absolutely love the cliks, love the 2 new songs on their myspace, any word on pre released sales ... preorder anywhere?