Lindsay Lohan Clears Up the Break-Up Rumors on Ellen

- Renee Gannon

Lindsay Lohan went on the Ellen show today and cleared up some of the rumors between her and Samantha Ronson. She never cheated. She didn't even know the break-up was coming and the restraining order "came out of nowhere". She wants to focus on getting her career in focus and getting back on the right track.

I think Lohan kept it together pretty well on the show. She's still so young and has a lot to learn about life and relationships, especially having her life in the limelight all the time. Hopefully she can stay on a positive track. Personally, I like Lindsay Lohan, especially back to her days of Herbie Fully Loaded and Mean Girls, when she had that adorable girl-next-door appeal. I'm rooting for her. Are you?

Lohan, 2009

Lohan, 2004


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Renee. I think there is so much Lindsay has to offer and feel a great deal of sympathy for those under the relentless tabloid spotlight...certainly those going thorough it at a difficult enough age!

Tina-cious.com said...

I've always like Lindsay. I think she's a cutie and she seems like cool people.

I'd totally hang with her -- you know, if celebrities hung out w/ regular folk. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lindsay has been my favorite actress since parent trap. It's alittle sad to see the body transformation from just 2004 to now 5 years and she just looks so tiny, I wish she would see that having some meat on the bones is beautiful! and I'm quite glad she went back to the red hair it's so her!

Nomad said...

poor Lindsay seemed really worn out in that Ellen interview... is it true that she's only 22 years old? she seems older...

Jessica DeLine said...

I'm rooting for her but she clearly has issues. Comparing the the two interviews is very revealing. She is not in a good place right now and it shows. Also you can't get restraining orders on someone without a reason. I was in a relationship with a completely harmless girl but when she got drunk it could be scary and I almost filed one. I think she needs to be honest with herself before she can get better but I hope she does soon!

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