The Best Lesbian Engagement Announcement EVER

How do two gay women get engaged and announce it to the world? Watch this video to find out how Lesbiatopia's Co-Founder announces her new engagement to her girlfriend of four years.



Decisions (ptown edition) featuring MJ Fresh and Ginger G

Music video lip sync to Decisions by Borgore featuring Miley Cyrus produced by Lez Be in Records, featuring MJ Fresh and Ginger G.



Lesbian book review: "Pink Lips: And Other Stories for Girls Only" by Elisabeth Anne Ryder

PINK LIPS AND OTHER STORIES FOR GIRLS ONLY BY ELISABETH ANNE RYDER BOOK REVIEW BY CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ THIS REVIEW CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, AND SEXUAL CONTENT. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.   I have always been a big advocate of SMUT. Pretty much in every way, shape and form it comes in, in print, photos, art, moving pictures, (yes, porn), and live performance art, (yes, strippers). I'm not afraid to admit it. I KNOW I'm not the only one. As long as they are consenting (human) adults, they have my blessing. What can I say, I never claimed to be saint. Yes, I've pretty much always been a spiritual person, but yes, I've also always been a very sexual person, and I make no apologies for that, and I'm not ashamed of it. I think women have gone through enough shaming over the years, especially when it comes to this issue. Well, that doesn't fly with me. The art of "EROTICA" has it's purpose, otherwise it would not exist. All those cheesy "romance novels" with the Fabio covers have been keeping single women, and unsatisfied wives company for years, supply and demand, there are here for a reason. I call these books "masturbation companions". Hey, nothing wrong with that. It's the safest sex there is. Certainly works for me. However, honestly, I've never been a huge fan of these kinds of books. In my lifetime so far, I've probably only read just a handful of this genre. I believe one of the biggest reasons for that was because for the longest time it was mostly targeted to the straight community, but not anymore.... This is a pretty big deal for me, being that this is my first official review on an erotica book, and just for LESBIANS! Which may be the first one I've actually ever read. Now there is definitely a need for it, just like there's demand for girl on girl action in magazines, and films. Now on to "PINK LIPS".... I was impressed with Pink Lips. First, I like it because it is broken down into 20 short chapters. Perfect for ADD'ers. It's not one long "love story" that drags on and on and on. Each one is pretty clear cut, with a beginning, middle, and end. They met, they fucked, the end. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. NEXT! Wash, rinse, repeat. Perfect for one who just wants to read a few pages, and rub one out quick. And all twenty stories are different, (even though you know what's gonna happen eventually in each chapter). I like the way they switch up the scenarios and the locales, the characters, their occupations, yada, yada. We're at a spa, we're at the lake, now we're in a hospital, a strip club, the beach, a gas station, etc, etc. I think they pretty much cover a lot of different women's fantasies. C'mon, admit it. We all do it. We're in a certain place, and look around and think to ourselves, "...wow, this would be a great place to do it right here, right now..." It taps deep into that part of our psyche, the animal in us, the id, the "LET'S GET PHYSICAL" side that we all have, especially women. But it doesn't do it in a raunchy way. It's very tasteful, and I'll even say classy for this kind of book, meaning, you can tell it was written by a WOMAN. By a woman, for women. No one knows a woman's body like a woman. This is the perfect erotica book for Lesbians, and for any bi-curious female out there who's always wanted to try it. Read this book first. If you are, you will know it. Even though it may go a little over the top with how orgasmic all these women seem to be, that's what we want to hear. In our heads, we want to see mind-blowing, earth shattering ORGASMS, (because they're not just for men), and because I feel unfortunetly, for A LOT of women, they never achieve that in their lifetime, or least not as much as they would like to. So, at least for women, deep down, that is what we all want, and PINK LIPS delivers.   4 stars    


Comedic Web Series K&A: Trailer Is Here!

Somewhere in Boston Karly (straight) and Alex (lesbian) are dysfunctional, day-drunk, and doomed in their co-depdendent relationship.

Katie Shannon of Thompson Films just released the trailer for her new comedic Boston based web series called K&A. Please check out the trailer here:  

Also keep update with the show and episode releases by going to www.karlyandalex.com



by Cynthia Rodriguez We do not know how to communicate anymore. Communication has become a lost artform. It seems like people can't talk to each other unless it involves some kind of electronic gizmo, otherwise they are lost without it. This is a tragedy, and an epidemic, yet I don't think people realize that. When did this happen? Technology supposed to make us better. Better,smarter, faster. I think it's made us dumber, less intimate,and less personal. It made us worse. When smart phones become smarter than the people who use them, then Houston we have a problem. All these little thing-a-ma-jigs come with instruction manuals that are usual bigger than the products themselves. When did we let all these cell phones, and with their endless world of texting...."OMG", "LOL", "BRB", and laptops, and tablets, and blackberries, and and ipods, ipads, this pad, that pad, maxi-pad.....get between us, and real communication with the rest of the world? Like WTF? Remember life before cellphones? We all survived without them for a LONG time. Remember public telephones? Even better, phone BOOTHS? Like the kind Clark Kent used to go into to turn into Superman. I really wish I would've had sex in one of those, just to say that I did, back in the day. But I digress. All you needed was a dime, then it went up to a quarter. And then there were phonecards for the long-distance. If you needed to make a call, you needed to find a phone. You had to work for that shit. Remember writing letters? Penpals? Postcards? Letter writing is an art in itself. People hardly even mail out Christmas cards anymore. Electronic mail changed everything. E-mail, instant messenging, e-cards for all occasions, birthdays, and holidays. --- I used to write letters. Have penpals. Nothing like getting mail that's not junkmail or bills. I would buy pretty stationary just to write letters, or thank you notes, or just nice little notes for people in general. Or get a cool series of postcards to send to people. I always thought that was a nice gesture. Nothing like getting something handwritten. I even used to write to my favorite companies about products I used. Yes, I know. That part was sad. I had a friend that joined the PeaceCorps for a couple years, and I wrote her a few long letters. It was quite the task. I had to literally go to the post office each time to get special postage for it to go to Africa. It was such a joy getting mail from another country. It was so exciting for me every time I went to pick up one of her letters. Something special about reading something sent to you from far away in someone's handwriting. Speaking of the post office. I think there needs to be a little "Test the Post Office" happening again. (See Ray Johnson) I had started that from my art studio, but for some reason I had to put that art show on hiatus. I'll need to try that again. It basically involves mailing all kinds of everyday objects in the mail without packing, such as, getting one sneaker in the mail with a bunch of postage all over it. I had a long time friend who was a master of letter writing. More than anyone I've ever known, or probably will ever know. Barba-Dell. Rest her soul. A master of communication, in every which way, in person, on the phone, in a letter or postcard, everything except electronically. The person I knew who was the best at communication never owned a computer, desktop, laptop, or any other little gadgets. I believe not even a cell phone, but a land line. Most people with every form of communicating with the rest of the world at their fingertips never even get close to that level of communication with other human beings. She didn't need any of those things, nor wanted them. She was very wise. I still have all the postcards she sent me. Years worth. She sent them to me all the time. She was known for that. She didn't need an excuse like visiting some foreign land to send a postcard. She lived about 5 minutes from me. It's hard for me to imagine an entire generation being born and raised without knowing how to use the post office. Never having written a letter and mailed it out. Social media is great, if used wisely. And not used as the cure-all, end-all, alpha and omega of communication. No wonder people don't know how to talk to each other anymore. It's no mystery to me why there is always some kind of new social disorder popping up all the time. We have created a habitat that is creating anti-social creatures. A world where terms like "trolling" and "lurking" and "creeping" exists because people don't know how to talk to each other. Not that it doesn't have it's place in today's world but relationships can't be based on today's technology. Nothing can replace the feel of face to face communication. No computer screens, large or small to hide behind. It's a whole different world when you actually have to look each other in the eye, and speak to each other, like it was always meant to be.


To the Boston Lesbians Who Love Cocktails and Comedy

Thompson Films invites guests to join them as they celebrate the kick-off of production on its latest web series, K & A. Starring Audrey Claire Johnson ("Karly") and Ashley Elmi ("Alex"), the series follows two best friends (one is a lesbian) whose dysfunctional  codependent, drinking and drug-taking relationship impedes them from ever finding someone special in their lives besides each other.

Enjoy a night of cocktails, comedy from Kylie Alexander and Kate Ghiloni, and more with some of the craziest cast members and female comedians the city has seen. Enter to win incredible door prizes, including a tour of Bully Boy Distillers for up to 15 people, a two-week unlimited pass to Boston's only dedicated indoor spin studio, Recycle Studio, and tickets to Improv Asylum, among others!

Guests can also enjoy a complimentary cocktail created by Naga's Bar Manager and cocktail guru, Noon Inthasuwan, as well as delicious passed appetizers from Moksa.

Tickets are $20 (or $25 cash at the door) and it takes place on Thursday, April 18th from 6pm to 9pm at Naga in Cambridge, MA.

Get your tickets now!


I Want a Whole Milk Marriage, Not Skim

I can't help but feel so incredibly fired up while simultaneously frustrated by the news surrounding DOMA.  It makes me want to scream and pull my hair out and wonder why everyone in this country doesn't see what seems to be so obvious to me. Why is it so important to change DOMA?  Well, in case you weren't aware, there are more than 1,000 federal laws that confer benefits of one sort or another on married couples — everything from tax savings to Social Security benefits - but DOMA excludes those benefits for legally married same-sex couples, even at the state level for those states that have already legalized same-sex marriage.

The case that was heard at the Supreme Court today involves a New York couple, Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer, who had been together for 42 years prior to their marriage in 2007. When Spyer died, however, the federal government, acting under DOMA, required Windsor to pay $363,000 in estate taxes that she would not have owed if her spouse had been a man.

Ironically, the 14th Amendment guarantees all citizens equal protection of the law.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg argued today that DOMA creates a two-tier system or as she put it, "full marriage and skim-milk marriage" equating same-sex marriage to skim milk in that it's lacking in wholeness.  Supporters of DOMA argue that the traditional definition of marriage is "between a man and a woman" and it would be an abomination to god only knows who if that were to change. Imagine what would happen if we (as a people of "equal protection") redefined this definition to remove all references to gender.  Surely it would undermine the hundreds of thousands of heterosexual marriages that exist today.

At the end of the day, there is one thing for me that is certain; I will not ever get married to a man, it's simply not an option for me. Being gay is not a choice just as much as having green eyes is not a choice. Could I cover my eyes with colored contact lenses? Sure, just as I could pretend to act straight (well, I could certainly try).  But at the end of the day, my eyes are still going to be green and I'm still going to be as gay as a rainbow over San Francisco.  I do know that someday I will get married to a woman and I will call it marriage, regardless of what anyone thinks about the "traditional definition". And I will continue to fight for those 1,000 benefits that are not currently afforded to same-sex marriages.  And for the record, I really hate skim milk.  I want my milk whole just like I would want my marriage.


The Morning After - A Lesbian Short

The Morning After from Katie Shannon on Vimeo.
The Morning After follows a couple as they try to figure out what is next in their relationship.

Writer/Director: Katie Shannon
Sam: Amy DePaola
Lauren: Allison Faythe



Lesbian Short Film: The Reason Behind Me

The Reason Behind Me is a short film by Dani van Herk Cast: Kate Austin and Bianca Bradey Cinematographer: Kieran Fowler