A po-em!


Once again my tale rings true,
And I am an ingrate all over you.

My sweetness derived in love and desire,
Compliments, flirtations, sheer admire....

Turned your heart indeed, a connection,
but fast into that other direction.

Right to the place I have always ended.
Privileged in a way I never intended.

And thus, I hear your every thought.
Whether I want to...or not.

Pieces falling fast, and you just don't see,
Feeling for someone, but it isn't me.

And I die a little, whenever you speak,
Closer we get, the more I am weak.

You trust me, thanks, but I want a real chance.
To get out of friendship, and into your pants!

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Paula the Surf Mom said...

I loved that last line.... sincere and to the point.

what a great poem:)

Lesberita said...

You're a poet and I didn't even know it!!

Nice work, Dewittness

thewishfulwriter said...

i've lived this poem.

like a thousand bajillion times.

got anything that rhymes with bajillion?

great poem!