Felice Newman, Author of The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, NeedsYour Help

Lesbian, Bisexual & Queer Women Couples have you been together for 5+ years and do you enjoy a satisfying sex life?

For those of our readers who are in long-term relationships, here is an opportunity to share your experience and help in the creation of a new book from Felice Newman, the woman who wrote The Lesbian Bible and by that I mean The Whole Lesbian Sex Book....

Felice Newman has asked us here at Lesbiatopia to ask you, our readers, just what makes your sexual relationship work and she needs your help in researching a new sex guide for lesbian couples.

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book has informed, supported, and entertained many thousands of women in the nearly 10 years since it was published. Now Felice Newman turning her attention to couples. As a somatic coach and sex educator, she has help many couples who are quite unsatisfied with their sex lives and feels her new book will be an empowering resource for our community.

Felice is conducting confidential interviews (via telephone) with couples who enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship and she is interested in exploring the ways we “grow” our sexual partnerships.

She wants to know what makes your sexual relationship work. How do you sustain erotic interest over the years? How do you face the sexual challenges that inevitably arise in a long-term relationship? How has your coupled sexuality evolved? How does your partnership support your sexual growth and pleasure? In short, what are the payoffs of an ongoing sexual relationship?

Ms Newman would like to hear from couples who have been together 5+ years, and who feel their sexual relationship “works” - however you would define that. (Even if you wouldn’t say you have the perfect sex life, if you are generally fulfilled in your sexual relationship, she still want to hear from you.)

There will be a reciprocal aspect to these interviews. In these telephone conversation, you’ll have an opportunity to ask her questions, too.

All interviews will be strictly confidential, and interviewees will be quoted anonymously in her book.

Whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, or queer; butch, femme or androgynous; polyamorous, monogamous; adventurous, sensual, kinky; boi, MTF, intersex, traditionally gendered or trans; sexually experienced or new to sexual exploration,Felice would like to hear from you.

To find more information on how you can help, including how to participate go to Help Felice Newman!

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