Love and Fidelity

I want to share with you a new perspective on fidelity that has me completely jazzed! The timing is perfect (of course!). I find myself coaching more and more women who are in committed relationships, and I keep exploring "love, like I want it to be". What a gift! The quote below by Adyashanti, is becoming a beacon that guides my approach to integrating the Law of Attraction into relationships.

it's having a certain fidelity to what you realize yourself to be. Having a fidelity to that internal silence, and just being willing to be what you are.

At any moment, am I actually an expression of - am I actually being - what I know to be true? It's another one of those things that sounds very simple, until you might be by yourself, or especially where the spiritual rubber hits the road, which is in relationship - am I actually being what I know myself to be? Am I expressing what's really true?"

Can you imagine a relationship which is created and nourished as each person is faithful to their own spirit? WOW, that is definitely my kind of love! How do you know if you are " actually being what I know myself how do you navigate the shoulds and fears that we can bring to our. As complicated as it all seems, the Law of Attraction can really help us simplify our relationships.

Here are a few basic Law of Attraction principles. Our soul is always sending us very clear messages about fulfilling your true desires. You are following your soul's path when you feel good. Your body feels strong/er. You have increased energy, excitement and ideas. Feeling good actually expands and attracts more good feelings!

When your thoughts lead you away from your real desires, you experience a range of negative emotions-frustration, despair, inertia, anger, doubts etc. Your body feels tight or weaker, and your energy wanes.

A pretty keen guidance system, yes?

So, tell me, what kind of love would loyalty to your fabulously delicious self create?

With much love,

Judy is a Law of Attraction Coach for lesbian, bi and queer women seeking love like you know it can be and our newest addition to the Lesbitopia writing staff.

She has been supporting people to have the life they desire for over 25 years.

We are excited to bring her passion for fun, possibilities, romance, and law of attraction to our staff of writers.


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