Breaking News! Michael Palin to replace Sarah Palin on McCain Palin Ticket!

Senator John McCain announced today that he was replacing Governor Sarah Palin (44) of Alaska with Michael Palin (65) of Monty Python fame. The campaign hopes that by switching out Sarah Palin with Michael Palin in a dress he might be able to fool enough people into voting for someone who had both traveled the world, and who had a less annoying accent.

The question on many people’s minds is would swapping out Governor Palin, a woman, with a known cross-dresser fool enough of the voters to keep the ticket afloat? Certainly, it is hoped, that the nomination of Sir Palin would mend the rift between the McCain campaign and the LGBTIQ community. However, this seems unlikely.

Many Conservative commentators rushed to defend McCain’s decision calling the choice to bring in such a renowned actor and world traveler. "He’ll unleash the World’s Funniest Joke on Russia and Al-Qaida!" announced one radio "comedian". The Liberal commentators could not be reached for comment as, apparently, they were all laughing too hard.

Governor Sarah Palin could not be reached for comment as her spokesperson informed reporters. Governor Palin was out hunting wabbits. When asked what a wabbit was, the spokeswoman described a small bunny like creature with antlers and a pair of enormous teeth.

The idea fell apart, finally, when a reporter finally asked Senator McCain how Sir Michael Palin could be the President when he was born in Britain. The campaign announced a few hours later that the entire thing was an elaborate joke on the media.

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Michael Palin for President

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