Keep the Spice Alive in Your Long Term Lesbian Relationship

By Rebecca Jones

In a lesbian relationship, it becomes more important to keep the intimacy, going, to make the relationship a successful one. A woman will always feel wanted in a lesbian relationship. They are always looking for comfort, security, and intimacy in a relationship. You will always know what your partner likes to hear. So tell her something that will make her feel special during and after the act. Always remind here that she means a lot to you and how much you love her. Every woman loves to hear this and she will really appreciate it. The relationship and the bond between the two will only grow stronger day by day.

Buy Some Clothes for Her

Buy clothes that will bring out the best in her. You must compliment on her looks and express your feelings. Say all the beautiful things that you can and tell her how much beautiful she looks. When you are in a lesbian relationship, you must be honest with your partner in all aspects. Do not be intimate with her just for the sake of it. Be genuine in your comments.

Get Flowers

To spice up the intimate relationship; how about decorating the bedroom with rose petals all over the place. Almost 90% of the women in a lesbian relationship love roses. Roses have a unique quality to make the woman feel special in every way. There is no hard and fast rule to buy red roses only. You can even buy white roses if you think that it will suit her better. To make it more adventurous you can actually buy both types of roses.

Lesbian Sex Manuals

Sex is purely skill based and it is not a bad idea to have a little bit of education in this field. If you feel that even roses and new clothes are not doing the trick in your relationship, there is no reason to feel despondent. Nowadays, there are great lesbian sex books that will help you and your lover learn the way the body functions. You will also get to know about different sexual techniques and the myriad ways in which you can turn yourself and your partner on.

Complement her Body

Every woman in a lesbian relationship yearns for some positive comments about her body. She will be pleased to know that there are no imperfections in her body. Do not lie to here. Just say what you like about her body truthfully and express how you feel about certain other things. No wonder, this will boost her self-esteem by a few notches.

You must encourage yourself and your woman to spice up the intimacy in your life. Always make suggestions to each other. Maybe she wants long passionate kisses or a different toy; so be open to what she says and thinks.

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sohbet said...

good article, thank you.

Anonymous said...

So what if you are in a relationship with the more masculine type? Quagmire...

javonmonet said...

I love this article my girlfriend is more masculine and I still tell her how beautiful she is and how much I love her body.

russian marriage agency said...

To be honest, I even could not imagine how hard it is to find decent piece of info on the above topic.

Felicity Mozdzen said...

I've been looking for some dating tips at alt com and I'll definitely save this article for later. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

No offence, but this is the same old generic tips you read everywhere. I am more masculine minded when it comes to sex and if mixing red and white rose's is deemed adventurous then... damn. I wouldn't be impressed by any of these things. I think being so damn romantic all the time is what kills sex. Yeah making love is really special every now and then, but surely there are other women out there that want something a little more... raw and intense.

Anonymous said...